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Getting there and around Serbia

Information on how to get to Serbia and means of transport within Serbia:

In Serbia JAT (Yugoslav Airlines) have regional services to Serbia from all over Europe. Other airlines like Lufthansa and Aeroflot fly to Belgrade, and Austrian Airlines, Swiss Air, British Airways and Turkish Airlines fly to Prishtina.

International trains from Belgrade visit Novi Sad and Subotica for destinations in northern and western Serbia, Nis for those going east of Serbia. So far there are no trains going from Kosovo to Serbia. We recommend booking trains in Serbia with a certain time and a student card you get a reduction on some trains in Serbia. Eurail and Interail are accepted and sold at the railway station in Belgrade, Serbia.

Drivers from Britain, Spain, Germany and some other countries require international driving license to drive in Serbia, otherwise visitors can use their national licenses in Serbia. Vehicles need a third party insurance plus insurance bought at the border of Serbia. The traffic police of Serbia is in everywhere regularly caring for and controlling the speed limits of those who drive in Serbia.

Transport in Serbia:

Serbia buses are required to travel from Serbia to Kosovo and Novi Pazar is the gateway to Kosovo.

Serbian company eleznice Jugoslovenska  provides adequate railway services from Belgrade, Novi Sad serving, Subotica and Nis. There are four kinds of trains in Serbia: ekspresni (express), Poslovni (fast), brzi (fast) and putnicki (slow), then make sure you have the proper fare when taking a train in Serbia.

In Serbia you can rent a car with the following companies Vip, Hertz, Europcar and Net all have offices at Belgrade airport and in major cities in Serbia.

Visa information and visa to enter Serbia

Travel Serbia

Travel Serbia

The requirements to enter Serbia are: Visitors from Australia, USA, Canada and most European countries do not require a visa for a visit up to 90 days in Serbia. For those who really need a visa, they are not available at the border and you must get a visa to enter Serbia in advance on a Serbian consulate or embassy in your country.

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