Action Park Spanish company will build several water parks in Croatia

New water parks in Croatia

The Spanish company Grupo SL Multiforma Action Park (APM Group), dedicated to the construction of water leisure center, announced today in Zagreb to build two large water parks in Croatia, the first in the Balkans.

“We put a first foot in Croatia, but also we want to move by Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, because the whole area has great potential,” said Efe CEO of APM Group, Alfonso Ribarrocha.

Apart from two minor centers and ending in the Croatian Adriatic coast, are in progress two major projects, the “Fantasyland” near Zagreb, which will open in 2013, and the Aquapark in Osijek, in the far east, whose opening is expected in 2014.

The “Fantasyland” is built in Samobor, a picturesque tourist town located

on the outskirts of Zagreb, will extend over 30 hectares and will include indoor pools, a fitness center and several hotels.

“This is a great project. Discovered water park, which will be an” urban park “aimed first to Zagreb, is spread over 4 hectares, with an investment of about 8 to 9 million euros,” said Ribarrocha .

According to the director of “Fantasyland”, Artur Gedike, the total investment of 200 million euros.

The second major project is the largest water park in the region and is expected to attract visitors from countries such as Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia.

Its construction represents an investment of 7.5 million euros and aims to attract 185,000 visitors each year.

Alfredo Ugarte, artistic director of APM, told Efe that will take great care to integrate the park into the landscape and local culture.

Travel to Croacia

Travel to Croacia

According Ribarrocha, conditions for investments in Croatia are getting better and it is “emerging area from the point of view of tourism.”

APM projects have been featured at REXPO Investment Projects and Real Estate Commercial for the South Adriatic taking place in Zagreb.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Radimir Cacic, announced yesterday at the show a major new investment cycle in Croatia, noting that it is a stable European country that is very conducive to invest now.

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