Kosovo: A Paradise of crime and smuggling, says Serbian newspaper

Belgrade, Aug 1 (Prensa Latina) The criminal activities related to crime, smuggling and drug trafficking in Kosovo were conducted under control of family clans in this territory, split from Serbia, a Serbian newspaper reported today.

The clans control different portions of the region of Kosovo and Metohija, considered the cradle of the haven of crime and gangsterism, the newspaper Politika review.

In an article, the paper questions the police presence

in Kosovo-Albanian border allegedly to combat illegal trade, crime and corruption, officials in Pristina.

It is well known here and abroad by the Serbian government documents the origins and development of criminal activities in the south of the Ibar River, the boundary between Serbia and its province of Kosovo, underlines the publication.

He says that even the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency classified the Albanian as the second most important group of drug traffickers worldwide. Of all the drugs reaching the European market, 65 percent came from Kosovo.

Kosovar Albanians also control over 80 percent of the heroin smuggling, says the source.

One of the routes used for the smuggling of drugs from Turkey to Italy or west of Europe passes through Tropota, Durres and Valona, ??Albania, according to data from the Serbian newspaper.

He added that former leaders of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), current public officials, control the extended family in three areas of the country, whose parliament declared unilateral independence in February 2008.

He mentions, for example, Thaci family business freehold illegal weapons, stolen vehicles, trafficking and smuggling in the Drenica area, connected to the neighboring republics of Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Montenegro.

In fact, a commission of the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe in December 2010 accused Prime Minister Hashim Thaci of leading a criminal network in the 90s of last century dedicated to organ trafficking and drugs.

Europe rapporteur Dick Marty Thaci described as leader of the mafia network in Drenica, responsible for numerous crimes against the Serb and other ethnic groups in the Balkans.

He was also one of the most visible faces of the KLA and internationally recognized, advised by the CIA and financed by U.S. governments and the European Union to dismember the then Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

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