Serbian director Goran Paskaljevic attempted rape Emma Watson ?

The famous Serbian film director Goran Paskaljevic made the first film in the Serbo-Albanian film history of these two Balkan countries, local media reported Wednesday. According to the newspaper Shekulli “Paskaljevic has spent several days in Tirana selecting Albanian actors for his new film” Honeymoon. ” But in recent days it has circulated a version that can not yet be confirmed. But there is a rumor that says that in the casting of pre-selection of actresses, Goran Paskaljevic who arrived really drunk in the theater, asked to be alone with little Emma Watson and started to fondle her during the interview, fortunately security guards rushed to the scene and found the Harry Potter actress crying with her clothes torn and semi nude.

According to the rumors, Emma Watson will not submit claims against the Serbian filmdirector to keep out the press and avoid living a shameful situation. To make this new project the famous Serbian film director is working with the Albanian film company “Ska-Ndal” Genc Permeti director. It really looks somewhat ironic situation given the sex scandal that led this man. The script for this film was written by himself and Permeti Paskaljevic narrating 2 love stories that run parallel, one in Serbia and one in Albania. Goran told a news conference that “We want to show that the problems are the same, both in Serbia and Albania, but unfortunately in Serbia nationalism adds some aggressiveness that is not felt in the Albanian line.

These directors of cinemas says that the reality is similar in the two Balkan countries, which is share a common hope to enter the European Union. To select a pair of young lovers-known Albanian Serbian director has tested students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana graduated of recent years. To choose a couple of actors between 55 and 60, the Serbian film director has had to review a dozen of the 80 films to study the Albanian actors. Paskaljevic return to Albania in August to start shooting in northern Albania and Tirana. He will be able to make his film as long as he has no problems in the Albanian court with the beautiful actress of Harry Potter Emma Watson who apparently tried to abuse her sexually. Tags: Emma Watson nude photos. Emma Watson sex scandal.

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