Swim, Explore and Relax on Croatia Sailing Holidays

What better vacation holiday is there than one that includes sailing around beautiful islands, taking in the breathtaking views along the Adriatic or Mediterranean seas and getting plenty of sunshine, swimming and site seeing in? Rent Sailing holidays in Croatia with your family and friends and this scenario is one that will play out for you for many years to come in the form of memories and photographs.

Your personal skipper will attend to all the work on your personal yacht as you spend a whole week sailing around the beautiful Adriatic and Mediterranean routes that makes Croatia such a beautiful location. Imagine being able to dip your toes and your soul in these exotic waters.
Summer is the better time to book your yacht in Croatia and enjoy the Dalmatian coast.
You will go island hopping around the most popular locales like Split, Lastovo, Dubronik, Korcula, Hvar and more. You choose the destination package, book the trip and get ready for smooth sailing where you will be astounded by the beauty as you take in the rich history of all of these destinations, too.

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Relax, enjoy a drink from your personal refrigerator as you and your friends are treated to this not-to-be-missed adventure. You get a prepared breakfast and lunch for each day of your seven-day journey. If you fancy an adult beverage, there is no additional charge to bring your own beer, wine or other drink you fancy which you will want to share with new friends.

For fun, each yacht has paddleboards. If you decide you have had enough swimming for one swim-stop offered on each leg of the sailing holidays in Croatia you can overcome this dilemma by hopping up on your paddleboard and getting a whole new perspective of the beauty and charm that surrounds you. Day trips which include discounted car rentals are available, too, so that when you take your break from the yacht you can explore all these charming Croatian spots at your leisure.

Do you want to try your hand at sailing the yacht? On these special sailing jaunts, you are more than welcome to experience sailing with the help of your skipper. If all of these fun activities ever wear you out, which they just may not, you can lay out on the deck of your yacht and soak up the sun.

If you are ready, decide on your destination package and book it soon, so you can get to take advantage of this incredible holiday package.

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