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Albania is a small country that has suffered many hardships for several decades. Nearly 4 decades of Communist government and the war in Yugoslavia stretched to the people and infrastructure to its limits. Although Albania is still one of the poorest countries in Europe, Albania is now beginning to develop. Albania’s economy is growing slowly and tourists are increasingly coming to Albania as it begins to increasingly open borders and ports. Below is practical, useful and accessible Albania information to all the tourists wishing to travel to Albania.

During the past decade Albania has been in general terms a safe country to visit. The area of northern Albania near the region of Kosovo is still one of the places that tourists going to Albania should avoid because, although the fighting has stopped, tourist services are alnst nonexistent and the quality of the roads is incredibly poor .Albania’s public safety is good but the tourists have to remember that crime and violence are still common in Albania. However, from April 2008 to March 2009, nearly 60,000 British tourists were visiting Albania and most of the visits went smoothly. No death was found in these visits to Albania, only a few minor incidents requiring consular assistance were found in Albania.

Input tax in Albania:

Since November 2008 there is no entrance fee for Albania.

Language in Albania:

The official language is Albanian, but the Greek is also spoken in many areas. English is usually understood, but is spoken in some hotels and restaurants only.

Electricity in Albania:

The electricity in Albania is 220 volts, 50Hz.
Geography of Albania:

albania Map

albania Map

Albania has a total area of 28.748 km2 (11.100 sq mi). Albania shares 172 km (107 mi) border with Montenegro to the northwest, 115 km (71 mi) border with Kosovo to the northeast, 151 km (94 mi) border with Macedonia to the north and east, and 282 kilometers (175 my ) border with Greece to the south and southeast. The coastline of Albania has an area of 487 km (303 mi). The western lowlands are located on the Adriatic coast and the Strait of Otranto which is strategically very important for Albania. Albania has a coastline on the Adriatic Sea and Ionian Sea.

Health in Albania:

Hepatitis levels stay high in Albania. Rabies in Albania is also a slight concern because of the number of abandoned dogs. Lately were reported cases of rabies, but it was in 1978. Hospitals in Albania are free of charge and foreigners can also be treated for free. The level of medical care in Albania can be considered adequate to poor. In the Albanian capital Tirana is where health care in Albania is more sophisticated.Outside the main cities of Albania, the level decreases. Make sure you have adequate health coverage from your own country before the entry into Albania. Consider the possibility of being transported outside the country for the treatment of high complexity when you buy your medical coverage to visit Albania.

Money in Albania:


In Tirana and major cities of Albania, most credit and debit cards are accepted without problems. There are also money exchange houses that will change pounds, euros and U.S. dollars easily. It is recommended to carry some cash, especially traveling to cities and smaller towns of Albania. Albania also has a problem with credit card fraud, then using the cash will be protected from this problem in Albania. Albania Visitors may notice several independent money changers offering incredibly good rates, but these can cheat you in Albania.

People of Albania:

Many tourists come to Albania by the slow and relaxed pace of life. Albanians tend to be very friendly and they always welcome its visitors.Just remember that the pace of life in Albania could not be equal to what you’re used to.

List of Embassies in Albania in the world:

Albanian Embassy in Austria

Albanian embassy

Albanian embassy

  • Z4 Blasstrasse 1190 Vienna
  • Tel 4313288656
  • Embassy of Albania in Saudi Arabia
  • P.O. Box 94004 Riyadh 11693
  • Tel 96614569728

Albanian Embassy in Argentina

  • Floor Libertador 9464 (1001)
  • Buenos Aires Federal Capital Tel.541148128366

Albanian Embassy in Belgium

  • 42 Rue Alphonse Hottat B 1050 Bruxelles
  • Tel 3226403544

Embassy of Albania in the United Kingdom

  • 2nd floor, 24 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E6LB
  • Tel 442078288897

Embassy of Albania in Bulgaria

  • Krakra Ulica 10, Sofia
  • Tel 35929461623
  • Albanian Embassy in the Czech Republic
  • Pod Kastany 22 16000 Praha 6
  • Tel 42023370594

Albanian Embassy in Egypt

  • 18 Salah El-Din Str Zamelek, Cairo
  • Tel 2023402305

Albanian Embassy in France

  • 57 Avenue Marceau 75116 Paris
  • Tel 33147233100

Albanian Embassy in Greece

  • 1 Karahristou Str.11521 Athens
  • Tel 3017234412

Albanian Embassy in Germany

  • 23110969 Berlin Friedrichstrasse
  • Tel 493025930520

Embassy of Albania in Netherlands

  • Anna Paulownastraat, 109 b Hague 2518 BD
  • Tel 3613266336

Embassy of Albania in Italy

  • Via Roma Asmara 500199
  • Tel 390686207868
  • Tel 390805727647

Embassy of Albania in Israel

  • 54/26 Rehov Pinkas Tel Aviv 62261
  • Tel 97235465866

Albanian Embassy in Canada

  • 130 Albert Street Ottawa, ON K1P5G6
  • Tel 6132364114

Albanian Embassy in China

  • Lu Guang Xua 28 100600 Beijing
  • Tel 861065321116

Embassy of Albania in Kosovo

  • Tel 37744158780

Embassy of Albania in Croatia

  • Jurisiceva 2 A, II kat. 10000 Zagreb
  • Tel 38514810679

Embassy of Albania in Malaysia

  • 2952 Jalan Bukit Ledang off Jalan Duta 50480 Kuala Lumpur
  • Tel 6032537808

Albanian Embassy in Macedonia

  • Todorovski hristian Karposh 94 / A
  • 91000 Skopje
  • Tel 38991614622

Embassy of Albania in Polania

  • 00789 Warsaw Ulica Sloneczna
  • Tel 48228498427

Embassy of Albania in Romania

  • Bucharest Strada Modrogan 4
  • Tel 4012118743

Albanian Embassy in Russia

  • Ul Mytnaja Dom 3 Pod 2 kv. 23,
  • Moscow 117049
  • Tel 70952307875

Embassy of Albania in United States

  • 2100 S Street, NW
  • Washington, DC. 20008
  • Tel 2022234942
  • USA (UN mission)
  • 320 East 79th Street,
  • New York, NY 10021
  • Tel 2122492059

Embassy of Albania in Slovenia

  • 61000 Ljubljana
  • Tel 386611322324
  • Holy Seat
  • Antonio Genovesi Via Roma 48-12 00136
  • Tel 390639736022

Albanian Embassy in Spain

  • Matia Kalle Demoliner Madrid
  • Tel 34915626985

Albanian Embassy in Sweden

  • Capellavagen 7 181332
  • Indigo, Stokholm
  • Tel 4687310920

Albanian Embassy in Turkey

  • Tevfik Sok Ebuziya 17 Cankaya – Ankara
  • Tel 903124416109
  • (Consulate in Istanbul)
  • Cad Vallcongu
  • Fabrikasi Ekmek Sok.4, Istanbul
  • Tel 902122962428

Albanian Embassy in Sweden

  • 307CH-46 Eigerstrasse Bern Tel 4131372-0707

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