Slovenian Phrases and Love Words

Slovenian Phrases


Know more Slovenian words and phrases

We will provide a brief summary of key Slovenian phrases and words, so that you can travel to Slovenia and can talk in the tourist cities of Slovenia

These phrases and words of Slovenia were wisely selected by Slovenia’s arts graduates who have completed their studies and courses of Slovenian for foreigners.

Then also we had a pretty love words and Slovenian phrases to further enrich the Slovenian language and be prepared if a night you go out walking with a girl from Slovenia when you travel to Slovenia. 



Also you will be ready and prepared to chat though Messenger with a girl from Slovenia, you can tell by chatting to the beautiful girls romantic Slovenian phrases and love words in Slovenia.

With no doubt you will surprise the girls from Slovenia using these Slovenian phrases and words of love.

Useful Slovenian phrases traveling to Slovenia

English phrases . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Slovenian Phrases

  • Hi                                               Pozdravljeni / Zdravo / Živio
  • Good bye                                       Na svidenje / Zbogom
  • Please                               Prosim
  • Thanks                                           Hvala
  • Yes                                             Da
  • No                                               No
  • Excuse me                                        Oprostite (mi)
  • Nice to meet you                             Veseli me, da vas poznam
  • Do you speak English?                   Ali govorite angleško?
  • You have…                                       Ali imate …
  • I would like…                                   Rad bi … / Želim …
  • How much is it?                               Koliko stane to?


  • Do you have a table ?                                      Imate (prosto) mizo?
  • What would you like to order?                       Kaj želite?
  • A tea                                                                   Čaj
  • A coffee                                                              Kava
  • A beer                                                                Pivo
  • A red a White wine                                           Rdeče / Belo vino
  • The bill please?                                                 Račun, prosim!


  • Where is the hotel                                             Kje je … hotel?
  • On the left                                                           (na) Levo
  • On the right                                                         (na) Desno
  • Go straight ahead                                               Naravnost (naprej)
  • It is near far                                                         Je blizu / daleč?
  • A ticket to … please                                             Karto do … prosim

Whenever the above mentioned will be appropriate phrases to communicate in the local language, which will surely be appreciated and valued by people.

As noted, these words and phrases were intelligently selected by arts graduates in the country, with studies in language courses for foreigners.

Undoubtedly you will surprise the girls of the country with these words and phrases of Love and Friendship.

Romantic Love Words and Slovenian Phrases

  • You are beautiful                                                     Ti si lepa
  • I love you my life                                                     Jaz si moje življenje ljubim
  • Do you want to make love with me?                     Želite, da bi radi, da me?
  • You are the most beautiful Slovenian girl            Ti si najlepše dekle v Sloveniji
  • I can give you the moon if you ask it to me        Moon vas me bo ljubezen spustiti
  • I love you not your family                                     Ljubim vas, ampak vašo družino!
  • Can I have your MSN to chat for a while?          Daj mi ljubezen msn za klepet?
  • Do you want to drink a beer with me?                   Želite pivo z mano?

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