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When to travel Romania and Weather in Romania

We offer advice on when to travel to Romania and what to wear in Romania:

Romania is a great destination year-round resort. The best times to visit and travel to Romania in terms of weather is in late April or early July, but from late August until late October when temperatures are mild and pleasant in Romania. The summers in Romania can be very hot especially in Southern Romania, including Bucharest, but along the Black Sea Coast of Romania, there are sea breezes that soften and moderate temperatures in Romania. The winters are cold in Romania in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania where there is snow from December to April. Snow also fell in most parts of the country of Romania. Romanian winters are milder on the coast.
Clothing Required to bring to Romania:

When you travel or visit Romania we advise you to wear light clothing in summer in Romania especially in the coast and the interior lowlands of Romania. Warmer clothing is needed in the winter take in Romania and throughout the year in the highlands of Romania. Also when you travel to Romania we recommended you to carry a pilot or raincoat along the year.
More information about the weather in Romania

Visit Romania

Visit Romania

Romania has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons and well marked. Spring and autumn are cool and pleasant, with May, June, September and October the best months to visit and travel to Romania. Summers are very warm in Romania from July to August and winters are harsh and very cold between December and March, with snow falling throughout most of the country of Romania. Spring and summer are the seasons wet, but we also can expect rain and rainfall in Romania throughout the year.

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