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Getting there and around Bulgaria:
How to travel to Bulgaria
We offer important information so that you can arrive in Bulgaria with more prior know-how to your trip:

Bulgaria Air assumed as the main air company of Bulgaria  thanks to that the other airlines of the Balkan’s countries stopped functioning in November 2002, then Bulgaria Air revived with the airplane Hemus in 2007.  Bulgaria Air has flights to the majority of the European main capitals, but still there is not direct flight that joins Sofia with the Asian main destinies or North America.  The travelers of Australasia that wish to travel to Bulgaria generally will have to take flight connection in the most popular destinies of Europe to be able to arrive at Bulgaria.  The buses and trains in Bulgaria are the easiest way to arrive to Bulgaria from Europe and Turkey, with frequent services also from Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Istanbul, Prague and Western Europe. The only connection to arrive at Bulgaria from Romania is a badly service of maxi-taxi since the city of Bulgaria Ruse that remains located on the Danube river and that arrives to Bucharest. The train of Greece is generally an inconvenience therefore if you want to travel to Bulgaria from Greece we advise you to take a bus.  The website for the Terminal of Central buses of Sofia is very informative (with an option to put all the schedules and general information of the buses in English language.
More information of the means of transportations in Bulgaria:


When you enter Bulgaria with the car you should declare what cross border you will use when go out of Bulgaria and should pay a tax of the road or toll consequently, when enter to Bulgaria. In Bulgaria there is also a fee of disinfection of your vehicle and this is obligatory to pay it when you enter Bulgaria. In Bulgaria the restrictions of route apply if you are only in traffic by Bulgaria.  In Bulgaria also there is a ship crosses the Danube river of Bulgaria from the city Vidin in Bulgaria to Calafat in Romania. The crossing of the Bridge of Friendship from Romania to the city of Ruse in Bulgaria is very slow, although travelers at the outset of Bulgaria generally are not delayed. The congestion is produced always when you enter Bulgaria. There are bus services to Istanbul that generally reach the border in the middle at night, when the Turkish customs examines each market energetically.

Getting around Bulgaria:
In Bulgaria the buses join all the cities and main towns and connect inclusive the small towns with the most nearby centers of transportation in Bulgaria.  In some places of Bulgaria, the buses are controlled by the government.  These buses are old, uncomfortable (when you compare them with the city buses) and slow.  The more spacious and faster, most modern buses often function in larger cities of Bulgaria and normally they cost a little more than the rate on a public bus gone downhill.

In Bulgaria there is also numerous private companies that control the services of bus through every places Bulgaria, the largest companies of buses in Bulgaria are Etap-Grup and Biomet, that work from Sofia and they arrive in the majority of the main cities and towns in Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria all the schedules of buses are catalogued (in the Cyrillic alphabet) inside the terminals of buses and all the buses have signs of the destiny where arrive and they are directed inside Bulgaria. This information is detailed in the Cyrillic alphabet in the front window of the buses of Bulgaria.

For a public bus, you normally buy a ticket of the bookkeeper marked kasa located inside the bus station of Bulgaria.  In this manner you are guaranteed a seat and you will be able to know the correct depart time of a bus of Bulgaria and the number of platform.  Nevertheless, in some cases the cashier will tell him that you have to buy your ticket on the bus to Bulgaria.

Information of visa and visas for Bulgaria:

The citizens of other member States of the European Union, more Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand and the United States can remained in Bulgaria without visa to 90 days. The citizens of other countries should verify the demands and the current requirements with their most nearby Bulgarian embassy or consulate before their trip to Bulgaria. The visas cannot be obtained in cross borders of Bulgaria.

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