Greek Phrases and Words to Travel


Greek phrases and Love Words to Travel to Greece:

We will provide a brief summary of key Greek phrases and words, so that you can travel to Greece and can talk in the tourist cities of Greece or Hotels

These Greek phrases and words of Greece were wisely selected by Greek’s arts graduates who have completed their studies and courses of Greek for foreigners like you to travel to Greece without problems, then you will be able to speak a little Greek. 

The first words and Greek phrases will help to communicate and at the end of the page we will also teach you some love words and Greek phrases. 

To speak the language fluently is a beautiful activity, at least make an attempt to say a few words to get accustomed to this language.



You will see that little by little and with a little effort you will say some Greek phrases.

Try to also to take a course in Greek for foreigners while visiting Greece. 

Then also we give pretty love words and Greek phrases to further enrich your Greek vocabulary and be prepared if a night you go out walking with a girl from Greece when you travel there. 

Also you will be ready and prepared to chat though Messenger with a girl from Greece, you can tell by chatting to the beautiful girls romantic Greek phrases and love words.

With no doubt you will surprise the girls from Greece using these Greek phrases and words of love.

Useful phrases in Greek

Español Griego
Yes ne
No ohi
OK entaksi
How are you? ti kanis
How are you all? ti kanete
I am fine. ime kala
My name is… to onoma mou ine …
They call me me lene …
What is your name? ti ine to onoma to thiko sou?
How do they call you? pos se lene?
Hi yia sou
Hello people yia sas
Bye yia sou
Bye everybody yia sas
Good morning kali mera
Good night kali spera
See you kali nichta
Cheers stin iyia sou
Hello everybody stin iyia sas
Thanks efharisto
I am sorry signomi
Please parakalo
What is your name? ti ora ine
Where am I? pou ime?
What is worng? ti yinete?
Where is the bathroom? pou ine i twaleta, parakalo?
Shower douz
I wish to go… thelo na pow sti …
I want to go… thelo na pow sto …
I want to go to the beach thelo na pow sti paralia
Where is the beach? pou ine i paralia?
Where can I take the bus? pou boro na paro to leforio?
I wisj to take a cab thelo taxi?
Where is the Greece embassy? pou ine to Kanathesiko Proxenio?
I am sorry I don’t speak Greek Signomi, ala then milao elinika.
Do you speak Greek? milas anglika? milas iglezika?
Do you speak French? milas galika?
How do you say in Greek? pos les … sta elinika?
I wish to see a doctor thelo na tho yiatro
I want to go to a hospital thelo na pow sto sokomio
Help voithia?
Can you help me? Borite na me voitheisete?
How much it cost? poso kani?
Beach paralia
Ocean thalasa
hotel xenodohio
Bank trapeza
bus to leforio
train to treno
Station stathmo
Ticket esitirio
I have got boyfriend eho filo
I am not available then ime eleftheri
Leave me alone aseme isihi
Go away fige
How much it cost? poso kostizi afto?
Can I have it please? boro na eho … parakalo?
I want this thelo afto
I don’t want this then thelo afto
I don’t want then thelo …
What is that? ti ine afto
Let’s go pame
I don’t fell OK then estanome kala
I want to go out thelo na figo
Right thexia
Left aristera

Romantic and love words and Greek phrases


Whenever the above mentioned will be appropriate phrases to communicate in the local language, which will surely be appreciated and valued by people.

As noted, these words and phrases were intelligently selected by arts graduates in the country, with studies in language courses for foreigners.

Undoubtedly you will surprise the girls of the country with these words and phrases of Love and Friendship.

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