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When to travel to Serbia and weather in Serbia:


Find in this brief article useful weather information in Serbia:

When we talk about weather and climate in Serbia we can say that Serbia has a mild continental climate with cold winters and hot summers. Serbia northern and upper regions of Serbia has a continental climate with cold winters and hot summers typical. The summer months in Serbia are from June to August and offer a very warm and lovely climate with little rain. The mountains of Serbia experienced a very heavy snowfall and the ski resort in Serbia is generally from December to March.

Clothing Required to travel to Serbia:


When traveling to Serbia in the winter you should also bring moderately warm clothes, not something too heavy when you travel in winter to Serbia.

If you travel in summer, wear light clothing in Serbia, such as shirts, shorts, short sleeved shirts, joggings. For summer nights in Serbia, it is advisable to take a mid-season sweater.

More information about the climate of Serbia:

Tour Serbia

Tour Serbia

We can add the climate of northern Serbia that Serbia experiences a continental climate with cold winters and hot, humid, with precipitation well distributed throughout Serbia. The central part of the country of Serbia has continental and Mediterranean climates. Southern Serbia is experiencing a climate Adriatic and along the coast Serbia has hot summers, dry autumns and relatively cold winters with heavy snowfalls in the interior of Serbia.

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