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How to travel to Albania Information

Car in Albania

The trips in car are the most dependable method to arrive at some city of Albania in a specifies quantity of time.  Albania requires that all the foreigners feel a green card for any car or motorcycle that enters Albania from another country. Those that decide to rent a car of another European nation they can find that the insurance is difficult to buy if you take the car in Albania. Those insurance companies or Car rental companies that offer to assure their cars, most probably will charge a high rate.  The travelers that visit Albania should have a lot of precaution when they driver inside Albania.  The quality of many main roads in Albania is very poor with large wells that create serious dangers to the conductors inside Albania.  Many roads also don’t have goo lights, so the conduction superbly should be done during the day in Albania.

Travel by train in Albania

Although to travel by train in Albania is the cheapest form of transportation in Albania, still the inhabitants of Albania try to avoid it.  The trains of Albania consider a frightening reputation to arrive late, some days inclusive the trains of Albania delay for several hours. The trains travel to a very slow step with maximum velocities that reach barely the 50km/hour.
albania train
Some trains of Albania are uncomfortable and still dangerous with crystals and broken windows.  Although the improvements are being facts in this area, many of the conductors of train of Albania are not it sufficiently coached or qualified.

Most of the inhabitants of Albania will notify tourists against  the trains in Albania.

Travel by plane to Albania


The international main airport of Albania known as the Airport International Mother Teresa.  At present, approximately 10 international airlines leave from there with flights to other European destinies.  At present there is not in flights of coastal traffic in Albania.

Vans in Albania

The Vans are like the majority of the people in Albania travels along all the country of Albania.  The vans of Albania are buses that travel enough extensively in all the country of Albania.  These are very cheap and much safer than the trains.  There is some disadvantages and the fact is that the Vans of Albania do not have a preestablished program. The vans of Albania go when they are full.  Also, the stations of vans can be difficult to find in Albania.  But at any rate the habitanes of Albania will be capable of notifying it.  The Visitors can seek the type vehicles groups of little trucks white or red.  The meetings of these generally signify that there there is a van stop.

How to arrive in Albania.

You can arrive at Albania with airplane using the following airlines:  Austrian Airline, Alitalia airline, Malev, Albania airline, British Airways etc.

You can also arrive at Albania by sea and in car.  There are many routes and ferries from Italy and Greece.

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