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Greece Introduction:
Greece offers a great variety of experiences, landscapes and activities. In Greece, there stand out Mykonos’s exciting discotheques and Delos’s ancient beauty, the greatness of Delphi and Ioannina’s earthly, the steep hillsides of Crete and the wildflowers of the exuberant spring. Greece also offers the blinding light of the Sun Mykonos, the beating of the melancholy rembetika Thessalonika (songs of blues), the spike of domestic manufacture tzatziki, the pieces of gossip in the kafeneia (cafeterias). Greece the Parthenon of Greece affects on the mythical city of Athens.

So recently as in 1983, when Greece joined the EU, Greece was essentially a conservative country, with an agrarian famous society for the olive oil, and beautiful beaches and islands. Its transformation from its induction, among Europe’s nations south-east, to the club of Brussels, led by the most prosperous nations has not been less than dramatic.

Greece Overview:
Previously it could take up to two years to obtain a fixed line of the telephone for a home in Greece. But the Greeks nowadays rely on more mobile phones than fixed telephones of line. Points of access to The Internet in the street are like fungi, whereas the property of cars, which once it was the privilege of some rich, its is now a product of consumption that enjoys the majority of the people in Greece.

To sleep in the beaches of Greece once was very common for the travellers without worries in the 70s but the tourism of Greece is a product for the half and high range of markets that are fascinated travelling to Greece and you find amazing Hotels and tourist services in Greece.

Greece Travel:

This has created in Greece the mixed benedictions for the visitors: since there are better facilities inevitably to higher prices; the trip by the sea in Greece today is more rapid and safer and has replaced the slow trips by the ship that were more romantic to the rocky islands of Greece. Healthy food done in-house can be difficult to find in Greece in the middle of the excess of plugs, sushi or of lamb attacked; the rooms in host families of long ago of Greece have been replaced with beautiful and modern furnished apartments and luxurious Hotels where nice Greeks always are ready to attend to it with a smile saying kalimera (good days).

Greece more information:


Nevertheless, the fact that Greece continues enjoying nowadays a constant abundance of foreign visitors it is easy to explain. The Greek people still has the carpet of welcome out of the house. The Greeks are those who, after everything, make of Greece a beautiful tourist place. Without the indomitable bonhomie of the same Greeks, Greece would be a totally different place. Their enthusiasm for the life, their curiosity and their unconditional hospitality to the visitors in the middle of them is what makes the experience of a visitor in the Greece, inevitably unforgettable. In Greece the Greeks can curse their luck, sometimes, they distrust towards the politicians, and be thinking “about” “lubricating” the gears of the bureaucracy a fact of the life, but they affirm their happiness of living in Greece, their spontaneity and their optimism for Greece. This way, the work to travel to Greece is easy: First, you have to decide what part concretely of Greece you want to experience. Then just come to look for it in Greece.

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