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Montenegro is connected to the world through roads, rail and air and maritime transport. You can select the way that suits you best to come to Montenegro. In recent years, Montenegro has invested considerable money in the infrastructure of roads, to allow for arrival in the country more secure, faster and nicer to tourists in Montenegro.

There are several hundred planes that land in Podgorica and Tivat airports every day during high season, with visitors from around the world. A large number of passenger vessels arriving in the port city of Bar and the many port along the whole coastal area are always ready to welcome yachts small and medium size. If you come from the EU or other countries that appear in the list of visa free, you do not need a visa to visit Montenegro, on the contrary, you can easily and without a long procedure enter the country by any of the crossings officers. Once you come to Montenegro, you can also use the services of several car rental companies. There is a growing number of small agencies using modern vehicles to transport tourists to all the significant tourist locations in Montenegro. There is also a large number of travel agencies offering package tours and the excellent hospitality of the people of Montenegro.

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Enjoy Montenegro

Enjoy Montenegro

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