Moldovan History

History of Moldova

Of course the history of Moldova is very long but here is an overview of the history of Moldova.

Summary of the History of Moldova:


We can start by saying the history of Moldova took a historic step between Asia and Europe, Moldova was often subject to invasion and war. This occurred historically in the greater part of Moldova, the main part of which was an independent principality in the 14th century. Moldova later became under Ottoman Turkish rule in the 16 century. Moldova became a highly fortified Turkish border and was a frequent target in Russo-Turkish wars. Continuing the story of Moldova we can also say that East Moldova went to Russia in 1791.Russia acquired the remote territory in 1793 Moldova and especially in 1812 when the Russians were all Bessarabia (the name for the area of Moldova between Prut and Dniester rivers). The rest of Moldova remained with the Turks and later passed to Romania, which seized Bessarabia in 1918. This began to make some things to come in the history of Moldova.

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We can add also about the history of Moldova in 1924, the USSR, refusing to sanction the embargo, established the Moldavian ASSR in Ukraine, with Balta and then (1929) Tiraspol as its capital.Undoubtedly, this was a very meaningful and important to the history of Moldova. Then forced Romania to cede Bessarabia to the USSR in 1940. The predominantly Ukrainian districts in the south and around Khotin in the north were incorporated into Ukraine, as were the parts of Moldavian ASSR, the rest was merged with what remained of the Moldavian ASSR and made a constituent republic (Moldavian SSR). On the other hand in the history of Moldova found that taken by Romania in 1941, the republic was reconquered by the USSR in 1944. In June 1990, Moldavian SSR adopted a measure calling for greater sovereignty within the USSR. In August 1991, Moldova, which is the Romanian name of the region was declared an independent republic; Mircea Snegur was elected president, and it reluctantly joined the Russian dominated by Commonwealth Independent States (CIS).

Current events in the history of Moldova:

Moldova History

Moldova History

Finally we can say the history of Moldova’s independence, a guerrilla war began in the search for the secession of the Trade-Dniester Region, where there were many ethnic Russians who feared a Moldovan merger with Romania. In 1992 a ceasefire came into effect, and granted limited autonomy to the region, and Russian troops were placed there. In the history of Moldova also we found that in 1995 there was a move considered illegal by the central government, and residents of Moldova voted overwhelmingly for independence from Moldova. Fortunately for the history of Moldova a peace agreement began in the 1997 session, making the region more autonomy but agreeing that Moldova would remain a single state, relations between the region and the central government are occasionally strained today. Gagauzia, a region dominated by ethnic Turks, achieved limited autonomy in 1994, with the right to secede if Moldova joins with Romania. Undoubtedly Moldova call history is full of stories and catching stories.

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