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When to travel to Macedonia and Weather in Macedonia:


Subsequently we offer him information of the time and climate of Macedonia:

As Macedonia is a country without access to the sea, Macedonia (the Old Yugoslavian Republic) has a pronouncedly continental climate, with very cold winters and hot summers.

Clothes Required to carry to Macedonia:

It is advised to carry medium weight clothes to Macedonia  When you travel to Macedonia in the winter of Macedonia take very shelter clothes; light and waterproof clothes are required to visit Macedonia in the summer.

More information about the time and climate in Macedonia:

Visit Macedonia

Visit Macedonia

Macedonia has a large extent Continental climate with dry and long summers, and rainy and smooth winters, with snow-covered occasional very thick in the mountains of Macedonia. The coldest months in Macedonia are January and February.  Although Macedonia can be a pies destiny during all the year, from May to October is the optimum time to visit Macedonia.

Macedonia is situated in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, the Republic of Macedonia covers part of the Mediterranean, gently Continental and Mountainous climates, with landscapes with a little flora and the richest fauna found in Europe. The Republic of Macedonia has dry, hot summers and autumns compared to the cold winters with snow-covered very thick.

Macedonia is in the union of two continental Mediterranean, climatic, and main zones.  Occasionally, the air is broken through to traves of the barriers of mountain located to the north and to the south of Macedonia, bringing radically the weather contrast; an example is the cold wind of north known as the “vardarec”.

Information of the gently continental climate of Macedonia:


The most characteristic climate of the Republic of Macedonia is the continental smooth climate of Macedonia, since this covers the largest area of Macedonia. This climate of Macedonia is characterized with humid and relatively cold winters and summers very hot. The spring is colder than the autumn in Macedonia.

There is differentiate of the average temperatures in the regions gift the climate is gently continental.  This is due to the differences among the geographical latitude of the regions, the elevation, etc.  In Macedonia the average temperature of July is the highest one in Ovcepole, Kocani, and the ravines of Skopje. In Macedonia the average temperature of January is the lowest one in the ravine Malesevo.

The annual haste of Macedonia also differentiates, in the limits of 490 mm in the ravine Ovcepole, to 760 mm, in the ravine of Prebalneario.  Aside from the rain andsnow, there is also fall of snow in these regions of Macedonia.

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