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To travel to Romania that it is a new member of the EU, it is like to be in some romanian places between an eternal Halloween and the cover of the disc of Led Zeppelin IV that has a farmer taking branches in his back. Even in the cities of Romania where the cars Audis run across roads with cameras of speed of control, the life of Romania is defined by its sweet heart of Country. In Romania practically in everywhere you will detect that there are cars thrown by horses that cross the ways paved (often abundances of dregs) as in the green mountains, beyond haystacks in the shape of cone and the flocks of sheeps – that bounce as if along the ways they were extraterrestrial. In Romania you will be able to find the whole Drácula’s mysticism. Many of the visitors of Romania, attracted by horrifying stories, make days trips to explore the castles of Transylvania and the beautiful medieval cities as Saxon Sighisoara, where the real Drácula (Vlad Tepes) had his firs horror stories.
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But the visitors of Romania who limit themselves on having chased or prosecuted the vampires will get lost many sites and places of tourist interest in Romania. For example the capital of Romania Bucharest, it has its critics, but the mixture of the grotesque communist monuments and the distant hidden cathedrals by the way make Romania is a fascinating place to explore. In Romania, along the Alps of Transylvania (also known as the mountains of the Carpathians) there are excellent places to practise hiking, cycling and ski. With regard to the housing in Romania we can say that there is House Rural, Bed and breakfast and Hotels that will allow to the guests to enjoy a bit the life of village, especially in the bucolic paradise of Maramures and Bucovina of the South, where the cemeteries and the monasteries are painted, with many courage, as pictures of art pop.
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Romania castle

Romania Castle

Moldova the neighboring country of Romania is a more difficult place to visit, but anyway it is very fascinating – It is further of joining the European union that when the Soviet Union feel. It is due that it lives itself through as if this had never happened. The Russian language is spoken commonly in Romania its renegade province, Transnistria, continues supporting the communist government. Adding a few days in this deformation of time of the Cold War take a trip to the route of the vampires of Romania and to the centers of ski of the Alps, undoubtedly these places of Romania constitute one of the most interesting and less understood on Europe. Take a trip to Romania now, before Romania changes.

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