Bulgarian Girls and Bulgarian Women

How are the bulgarian girls?

What do you need to know about the Bulgarian girls before asking them to go out?
Listed below you will be able to find how the bulgarian girls are.
We can start by saying about the girls of Bulgaria that every woman is different, but here are some practical suggestions for those that like girls from Bulgaria and want to invite them to go out.
Try to do the following things when you invite the girls of Bulgaria to go out in Bulgaria, and you’ll be sure to make an impression very nice to any girl from Bulgaria.
The girls in Bulgaria are generally social people, so it is important to take them to a social sphere. Bulgarian girls like to go out to a nice restaurant where they are served good wine in the evening then Bulgarian girls like going to dance at night to a disco serving drinks and have a group of people where tell stories that are fun and have lots of laughs. Bulgarian girls style output will cause a good impression to you. Bulgaria Girls never admit it, but they want to show, to excel, to attract attention, being the center of the party and you’re proud to stand with a girl from Bulgaria.

MISS BULGARIA WORLD 2010 – Romina Andonova
Birth Name:Romina Andonova
Birth Date: (age 21)
Birth Place: Sofia
Height: 5’9.5″ (1.76m)
Language: Bulgarian & English

Major Competition(s): Miss World 2011

Miss Bulgaria

miss universe bulgaria

If you are leaving with the girls in Bulgaria try to be more casual and you invite her for a cup of coffee, show that you are a gentleman with class and take it to a REAL coffee shop that serves coffee in china cups. You are dealing with European girls never forget that! 

Bulgarian girls are not interested in a stressed place! Bulgaria Girls want a relaxing atmosphere with a good and intelligent conversation. Never take the girls from Bulgaria to a lower-level cafeteria, because it sure is going to annoy the girls from Bulgaria.
More information about Bulgarian girls:

Girls in Bulgaria can be very pleasant and with important professions, but the girls in Bulgaria are not going to want to talk about work socially. Bulgarian girls are social butterflies and will be much more impressed if you spend your time telling funny stories, talking about travel, food, even telling many jokes. 

The girls from Bulgaria will give you subtle hints that are interested in you, and the girls from Bulgaria will wait for you to drive the romance. When this happens, the girls in Bulgaria are very much like all women Bulgarian girls expect you to say them sweet things to the ear and many compliments on her beauty and sensuality.
When you invite the girls of Bulgaria to go out you will have to have good taste it does not matter where you go, show them your have class, do not have to be expensive, just apply common sense and never wear shorts or scratched or whatever.
You make a big impression with the girls in Bulgaria if you share your knowledge of foreign languages (she probably knows at least one more than the English) European literature and philosophy can also be very interesting to the girls in Bulgaria.

If you has no knowledge of these materials, go to the library and get a manual for school in humanity to have a great conversation with the girls from Bulgaria.

When you go out with a girl from Bulgaria NOT ask if the girls speak Russian in Bulgaria (Bulgarian girls do not, the girls in Bulgaria speak Bulgarian is a Slavic language) and Bulgaria Never confuse with Bolivia.

Final Tips to conquer a girl from Bulgaria:
If she invites you her house, remember that you must remove your shoes at the door even if she tells you not to. This is very important. If the girls in Bulgaria offer slippers, put them gladly accepted.
How to conquer a bulgarina girl.
If the parents of the girls in Bulgaria are in the house and she invite you to know her parents, buy some flowers for her mom and a bottle of wine for her dad, you will give them a really nice impression for doing this. If they serve a cooked meal, dip a little bread in the sauce, this is how the Bulgarians eat.

Most of the girls in Bulgaria do not like get up early (there are probably some exceptions) but this is the general rule that all girls in Bulgaria.
Never want to be noticed by counting all the good that you have with the bulgarians girls. Bulgaria’s men are this cocky and they are tired of hearing things like that. Let alone Bulgaria girls realize the talents you have.
Bulgarian culture places importance on chivalry and respect towards women. Be courteous, polite, and attentive. Offer to hold doors, help with her coat, or assist with any heavy objects. Small acts of kindness can make a positive impression.
And one last tip, if they choose to visit the home of your parents and you have to take a plane, you are the one who must buy the air ticket, do not let her pay it because to the girls from Bulgaria it bothers and you will be very wrong with the girls from Bulgaria.
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