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One of the smallest countries in Europe is Slovenia that has a superb geographical position between the majestic Alps and the Mediterranean sea; the visitors thus can travel between slopes of skiing and spas inside a pair of hours.

Ljubljana – Slovenia


Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and Ljubljana is the starting point for an extensive range of excursions. Ljubljana is situated in the heart of Slovenia, along the banks of the River Ljubljanca, the capital is in a radio that permits to arrive in two hours to all the state borders.  The old part of the city is particularly very charming.  There are three bridges that cross the river, one communicates in a direct way to the City Hall (1718) with its Baroque source and two open back yard. Looking at from the high all the city we find to the twin towers of the Cathedral of Ljubljana (1708), that harbors some impressive fresh of Slovenia.

The Castle, situated on a hill, has a beautiful view of the river from the high.  Nowadays the Castle suffers the reparation and only a sector is open to the public.  The tower offers a splendid view of the city of Ljubljana.  On the edge of the river we find the Museum of the city with an extensive collection of Roman appliances.  Near the University is the Church Ursuline (1726) with an altar of Robba.  The National Museum, the National Gallery, the Municipal Gallery and the Modern Gallery of art with the tranquil Gardens of Tivoli are all interesting places to visit in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The east of Slovenia.

Travel Slovenia

Travel Slovenia

Maribor, in the east of the country of Slovenia., is the second larger city of Slovenia (with a population approximately of 100.000 inhabitants in Slovenia.).  It is located to only 16km (10 miles) of the Austrian border and is a trip of three hours by car from Trieste or Vienna.  Maribor is a commercial, scientific, and animated arts center with a University and numerous art galleries, museums and theaters.  The city is a good starting point to visit the nearby and alpine region of Pohorje, where we can find one of the main resources for ski of Slovenia, that receives international competitions all the year long.  Also it is worth while to do a visit to the nearby hills of Slovenske Gorice, where the white wines are excellent and produced in a great scale in Slovenia.  To the south of Maribor, we find the city of Ptuj that contains Roman remainders, a medieval center and traditional carnivals of Slovenia.

Julian alps – Slovenia.

The Julian Alps is a popular area to ski in the winter, particularly in the resort of winter Kranjska Gora and Bovec. The National Park  Triglav covers the splendor of these mountains, as well as the grassy slopes of the surrounding valleys. The Julian Alps are a great place for trekkers. In the Julian Alps the visitors are attracted for the unusual tower on the Assembly Triglav. Podkoren is situated in the mountains near the Austrian border. The resort of fashionable mountain of Bled, is near of the Austrian and Italian borders, just on the idyllic Lake Bled, where the skating is practiced in the winter, and the swimming and the oar in the summer.

The fishing of the trout and the fish tent is a very popular activity in the Julian Alps.  The historic monuments include the Church of Parish neogotic (1904) with its interesting fresh and the Castle of Bled, that was the old residence of the bishops of Brixen. It is located above the 100m (328ft), the castle offers magnificent views on the city and the lake. Another resort of very popular skiing in the region of the Julian Alps is the valley Zgornjesavska, that is bordering with Austria and Italy in the northwest. Situated between the Julian Alps and the Karavanke, there is a valley surrounded by peaks of mountain and many centers of international skiing and the competitions of leap with skiing occur there each year.

The Coast of Slovenia.

Portoroz is the most popular resort of the beaches of Slovenia, with numerous hotels and coffee shops. The spectacular cave of Postojna which is 20km long, is located just an hour of the coast, it has been respected as one of the greater monuments of natural beauty, and it emphasize in her gigantic stalagmites and a cavernous walkway that can receive 10.000 people.

The port of Koper still conserves an Italian atmosphere.  The old city, entering for the Mute Door, is worth while to explore it.  Passing the Bridge of the Source, the street is widened in the central square of the city. In general, the monuments are clustered around the Tower of city (1480), that dominates the horizon. The fine examples of the Gothic Venetian style are: the Cathedral from the fifteenth century, the loggia and the Palace of the Praetor; also of cultural interest is the Romanesque art Carmin the Roundabout (1317).  It is worth a visit to the excellent Provincial Museum, that harbors the old maps of the area.

Spas of Slovenia.

The spa natural of Slovenia are scattered by all the country and they include the Spa Radenci (near the Austrian border) and the Spa of health Rogaska, where the legend says that the winged horse Pegasus created curative mineral water with a magical blow of its horns.

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