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Kosovo information

Population of Kosovo:


Capital of Kosovo:


The surface area of Kosovo:

10.887 square kilometers (4.203 miles square)

Kosovo Languages:

Albanian, Serbian languages, regional

Religions in Kosovo:

Muslim, Orthodox Christiano

Currency of Kosovo:


Life expectancy in Kosovo


Kosovo GDP per capita:

The U.S. $ 1.409

Literacy percent of Kosovo:

Men: 98% female: 90%

About Kosovo:

Kosovo, Albanian Kosova, Serbian Kosovo i Metohija and Kosmet, officially the Republic of Kosovo, Republic (2002 established population (estimated) 1.9 million), square 4.126 miles (10.686 sq km), SE Europe, a former Serbian province which unilaterally declared independence in 2008. Located on the Balkan Peninsula, is bordered on the north and east by Serbia, on the south by Macedonia, and on the west by Albania and Montenegro. Ë Prishtina (Pristina) is the capital and largest city.

Land, Economy, and People in Kosovo


Kosovo is largely mountainous with the Albanian Alps in the west, the Sar Mts. in the south, and Kopaonik mountain range in the west. Surrounded by mountains Kosovo has the fertile valleys of Kosovo and Metohija, the land is drained by the rivers Drina, Ibar, Morava and Ju € na. Agriculture, rice farming, forestry, and mining are the main occupations of Kosovo. There are rich deposits of lignite, lead, nickel, zinc and other minerals in Kosovo. The strike of workers is very common in Kosovo, due to disruptions caused by the end of Communist rule and the struggle for independence, Kosovo’s economy is dependent on foreign aid.

The population of Kosovo before 1999 was an ethnic Albanian in approximately 80% ethnic Albanians now make up approximately 88% of the population. The Serbs are the largest minority, concentrated mostly in the north along the Ibar River. Albanian, Serbian, Bosniak and Turkish languages are spoken in Kosovo.Kosovo’s main religions are Islam (mostly Albanians), the Serbian Orthodox Church (mainly Serbs and Roman Catholic church.

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