Introduction Montenegro:


With its recent independence, Montenegro waits to go out of the Yugoslavian shade and wants to be seen as the beautiful country that really it is.
The tourists and visitors of Montenegro should not think that they are going to fall down of the limit of the world if they do a trip beyond Dubrovnik.
Montenegro Travel

Because in Montenegro the Adriatic sea continues of blue color sapphire as in Croatia.
In addition the Adriatic sea in Montenegro is endorsed by a few steep gray saws leaving only sufficient space for coastal cities with beautiful neighborhoods, paradisiac beaches and small coves that come up to the border with Albania.

Overview Montenegro:

The cities historical and walled as Stari Bar, Budva, Kotor and Herceg Novi are perfect places to explore in Montenegro, and in any place of these cities of Montenegro, along the coast, rooms can be deprived with beautiful conference to the sea that will allow you to rest from the noises of the city.

The interior of Montenegro is shaped by an environment of spectacular mountains by some forests of pines, splashed with lakes and cannons of a dizzy depth.

Travel to Montenegro:


The highest region of Montenegro is the National Park Durmitor, this one is one of the favorite places of Montenegro to ski in winter and in summer to do hiking in beautiful mountains. Whereas below the deep cannon of Tara of Montenegro there are several intrepid tourists who defy the rapid ones of the rivers doing rafting.

There are too many things for a small country that is very proud to call as the newest nation of the world.
Remember look for more places to visit in Montenegro and other balkan countries.
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