Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina


When to go  and weather in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Dominated by the mountainous and hills land  and drained by the main rivers to the north the rio Sava and to the east the river Drina, Bosnia and Herzegovina have a climate that it is as variable as the remainder of the old Yugoslavian confederacy, with continental climatic conditions moderates.  In Bosnia and Herzegovina generally complies the norm very cold winters and hot summers.

Clothes Required to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina

When you visit Bosnia and Herzegovina in winter is recommended to carry clothes of heavyweight and jackets with scarfs. if you travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina in summer, it is recommended to carry light and waterproof clothes for rains.

When you visit Bosnia and Herzegovina keep also in mind that the north region of Bosnia and Herzegovina is colder and humid that other places of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the parts with a lot of altitude of Bosnia and Herzegovina also are very cold.

What is the best time of the year to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The best time to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina is from May to October, when the climate of Bosnia and Herzegovina is hotter and drier.  The winters in Bosnia and Herzegovina are very cold and often there is a lot of rain, snow and wind.  The climates in Bosnia and Herzegovina are different for each province, with Bosnia experienced a lot more high haste than Herzegovina. the average Temperatures in Sarajevo extend of-. 5° c (31° F) in January to 19°C (66° F) in July.

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