Places in Kosovo


The following list includes the best places to travel  in Kosovo:

The suburbs of Kosovo – Kosovo


Out of Prishtina and far from the Serbian border, Kosovo waits to be an overdraft. If you are in the Southwest, tune your skills for bargaining in the bazaar Peja (Pec), visit the center of this animated city, still with the remnants of its Turkish past. Closely together you will find the old and beautiful Serbian Orthodox monasteries of Patrijarsija and Decani, which they were declared world heritage of the humanity. To the Southwest you cannot omit to visit the medieval city of Prizren, on its narrow paved streets and the coffee which bordered opposite to the square Shadrvan. During the winter the village of Brezovica, to the east of Prizren in the Mountains Sar there is a ski resort that it blooms every day much more.

Prishtina – Kosovo

Prishtina is a city that gets excited inflated with the activity and the personnel of foreign agencies, more all the  bars, restaurants and Internet coffees to attend to them. In Prishtina it is possible to make a full day tour to many places of interest inside the city but the most reliable service is a company that crosses Prishtina in autobus. Prishtina also is very used as a good base for excursions to the field, Peja and Prizren.

Peja – Kosovo

Peja (Pec) is a mixture of modern Yugoslavian development in the downtown and buildings of the Turkish age around the bazaar. Peja’s principal attractions are the Monastery Patrijarsija, Rugova’s Gorge and the Monastery Decani that falls down out of the city. In Peja there are beautiful mountainous landscapes that seem to be postal.

Prizren – Kosovo

Though Prizren was the medieval capital of the Old Serbia, the architectural influence is Turkish. The buildings of the Turkish age abound in Prizren, including the notable mosque and the Turkish baths. If you visit Prizren we recommend to you to vague for the narrow streets and  absorbs the history and the atmosphere of every cobble of Prizren. In Prizren there stands out the building of the exterior coffees Shadrvan with the entry opened of wood.

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