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Women in Serbia – Why Serbia girls seek western men?

About Serbian Girls. Below is a brief explanation of why the girls in Serbia are interested in men of Western countries.

The kind of women friendly, sophisticated and cultured of Serbia are looking for Western husbands today.

They do so because they believe that men of western countries are better for the girls in Serbia.

Like all women, Serbian girls want to be treated equally and with respect. 

Serbian girls want their husband shares the housework and childcare, Serbian women want their husbands be responsible with money, avoid drinking a lot, and listen to the end when they have something to say.

Some Serbian girls want to have careers, but other want to be housewives, but in both cases for Serbian girls to have the option to choose is important. 

For a married woman in Serbia, to have a choice, many times is rare and unlikely. 

A Serbian medical Doctor earns a salary of one hundred dollars per month, which is the same cost as an Internet account in Serbia. 

Serbia Girl

Serbia Girl

Western wages, however, are much higher in relation to expenditure, so that’s a reason that if Serbian women marry a Western man.

She can expect to have more spending power in herself, and therefore a better quality of life or be free to stay home and raise children.

Serbian girls often believe that Western men are all professionals, rich and sophisticated. 

Just a few Serbian girls can afford to travel to western countries therefore the only Western men that Serbian girls can known are the ones who travel to Serbia. 

Such men tend to have significant amounts of money, great incomes and very good salary, and be experienced in the appropriate behavior for marriage. 

In Serbia, a Serbian woman or girl can register on a website dating couples, and this can help them find the Western man of her dreams.

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When asked why Serbian girls are looking for a Western husband, they could tell the same reasons that people everywhere do: Serbian girls want love, comfort and safety.

In some cases the Serbian girls may feel that things are more easily found overseas. 

As Serbian girls remained unmarried until completing their postsecondary education, they may have exceeded wthat for the Serbian culture is considered the age of marriage.

Still the girls in Serbia may have the same age when many Western women are married for the first time. This feature of the Serbian Women may seem ideal to a Western husband.

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