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Croatia introduction:
In spite of the tourist promotion of Croatia, the pleasures of Croatia are more timeless than fashionable. Along 1778 kilometres of coast of Croatia, winds from a shining sea blow around rocky inlets and beaches bordered of pines. In Croatia it is showy to observe Istria’s boisterous ports with its fishermen while the children submerge in the water with gas. In Dalmatia, the cities flutter with the night life in the middle of former Roman ruins.

Many Yachts slip for the coast of Croatia, stars of cinema discreetly speculate to buy one of 1185 islands of Croatia and there is no cruise of the Mediterranean sea that does not stop in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik. The interior landscape of Croatia is very seducer also, though it is less visited. When you travel to Croatia you must to take a bath in a thermal bath in Istarske Toplice in Istria.
Croatia overview:


In the west of Croatia also you can take a trek for the pristine forests watered by creeks of mountain. In Croatia allow that Plitvice’s waterfalls wet your face. And do not forget the culture since Croatia is the country that suffered Rome, Venice, Italy and the Austro-Hungarian empire, all this history gives to Croatia the only identity and lightly esquizoide. In Croatia you will find a strong flavor of the Central Europe in the baroque architecture of Zagreb, and the devotion of Italy through the good life filters from the coast, influencing the food and the style of Croatia. During the vacations and holidays of Croatia the Slavonic soul of the country arises with dancers dressed in a great color and they dance as a whirlwind to the pace of popular and traditional melodies of Croatia.
Travel to Croatia:
The Croatians support a strong attachment to the land and the traditions that nourished the dream of the independence of Croatia during so much time. In spite of the fact that a tide of speculators and promoters want to do a real-estate business, in Craocia a real commitment exists with the preservation of the extraordinary beauty of the coast. If Croatia can resist to the temptation of the easy money it is a test and proof of its unbearable character. Till now the indications are promising in Croatia.

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