Albania introduction:

Flag of Albania Albania, the beautiful sleeping country, wakes up as in the decade of 1990 of its communist isolation of hard line when Albania was a stranger of another time.
The cities of Albania were not drowned and suffocated by the smokes of the car and its beaches virgins filled with the massive tourism, the people the one had suffered so much felt a bit bewildered and confused.
Though the things have changed very much since then, this former land of Albania still has something to offer increasingly strange in the Europe of these days – a look in a culture that is entirely proper of Albania.
Raised up in a diet of the separation and the penury, Albania is Clearly Albanian.

Albania Overview:
In Albania you will have to continue to find beautiful beaches of crystalline waters in the parts of the Ionic coast (try Saranda’s charming city), in Albania there are fascinating classic places as ancient Berat, and citadels of spectacular mountain, but the mad traffic of Tirana is symptomatic of a boisterous city, brilliant omiso of its gray Stalinist patina.
The Turkish baths already are not the norm in Albania, and even it is possible to enjoy coctails in the bars hippies while you listen to bands of rock of Albania.
Meanwhile, the north of Albania is kept the reputation of the country as a wild border alive, vivacious) and well, with the shaded mountains and the dispute of occasional blood.
Albania is not only the preservation of the adventure, Albania is a warm and hospitable country sincerely – with sufficiently rough edges to keep it interesting.
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