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When to travel Bulgaria and weather in Bulgaria.

When to travel to Bulgaria
The climate in Bulgaria varies according to the altitude.  The summers are hot with some haste, and the south zone of Bulgaria suffers the influence of the Mediterranean sea of Bulgaria. The best months to visit Bulgaria are from the middle of June to September when the days are longer and sunny in Bulgaria. The winters are colds in Bulgaria with a very good snowfall in the mountains of Bulgaria. January is the best month to ski in Bulgaria. Rains frequently during the spring and the autumn in Bulgaria.
Clothes Required to carry to Bulgaria:
It is advisable to carry clothes of average season to Bulgaria most of the year; nevertheless if you visit Bulgaria in winter is advisable to carry more sheltered clothes to Bulgaria.
More information about the climate and time in Bulgaria:
Bulgaria enjoys a temperate climate with dry and warm summers and cold winters, very humid and often with hardly snow-covered.  The south zone of Bulgaria and the coast of the Black Sea of Bulgaria register the highest temperatures, above all the city of Bulgaria Sandanski often they called it the city more quality and sunnier of Bulgaria; Smolyan, the highest city of Bulgaria, is one of the coldest cities of Bulgaria, as you should expect to be this city of Bulgaria. The plain of the Danube, in the meantime, is holds to the extremes of central Europe.  The climate of Sofía, the capital of Bulgaria is generally favorable, with tempperaturas maximum of around 28°C in July and in August and of 3°C from December to February.  The haste is greater in the mountains of Bulgaria and the rural life of Bulgaria often is interrupted in the winter by enormous snow-covered.

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