Bosnian Phrases and Words to Travel

Bosnian phrases and Love Words to Travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina:

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We will provide a brief summary of key Bosnian phrases and words, so you can travel and talk in the tourist cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina or Hotels

These Bosnian phrases and words of Bosnia and Herzegovina were wisely selected by Bosnian’s arts graduates who have completed their studies and courses of Bosnian for foreigners like you to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina without problems, then you will be able to speak a little Bosnian.

The first words and Bosnian phrases will help to communicate and at the end of the page, we will also teach you some love words and Bosnian phrases.

To speak the language fluently is a beautiful activity, at least make an attempt to say a few words to get accustomed to this language.

You will see that little by little and with a little effort, you will say some Bosnian phrases.

Try to also to take a course in Bosnian for foreigners while visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Then also we give pretty love words and Bosnian phrases to further enrich your Bosnian vocabulary and be prepared if a night you go out walking with a girl from Bosnia and Herzegovina when you travel there.


Bosnian love phrases

Also, you will be ready and prepared to chat though Messenger with a girl from Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can tell by chatting to the beautiful girl’s romantic Bosnian phrases and love words.

With no doubt, you will surprise the girls from Bosnia and Herzegovina using these Bosnian phrases and words of love.

Just to speak personally in Bosnian with a girl from Bosnia and Herzegovina will impress her with your general culture and conversation skills in her own language.

Useful and common words and phrases in Bosnian to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Hello/ Good morning – Dobar dan (DOH-bahr dahn)

Hi (informal) – Zdravo. (ZDRAH-voh) or Merhaba (MEHR-hah bah)

How are you? – Kako ste? (formal), (KAH-koh steh) Kako si? (informal) (KAH-koh see)

Fine. Thanks – Dobro sam, hvala. (DOH-broh sahm, HVAH-lah)

What is your name? – Kako se zovete? (formal) (KAH-koh seh ZOH-veh-teh)

My name is ______ . – Zovem se ______ . (ZOH-vehm seh____.)

I am _____. – Ja sam ______. (yah sahm)

Nice to meet you – Drago mi je. (DRAH-goh mee yeh)

Please – Molim. (MOH-leem)

Thanks – Hvala. (HVAH-lah)

Thank you – Hvala lijepo (HVAH-lah LEE-yeh-poh)

Welcome – Nema na čemu. (NEH-mah nah CHEH-moo)

Yes (formal) – Da (dah)

Yes (informal) – Ja (yah)

No – Ne (neh)

Excuse me – Oprostite. (oh-prohs-TEE-teh)

I am sorry – Izvinite. (EEZ-vee-nee-teh)

I am so sorry – Oprostite. (oh-prohs-TEE-teh)

I really sorry – Žao mi je. (zhao mee yeh)

Good bye – Alahimanet or Zbogom.

Bye bye (informal) – do viđenja (doh vee-jeh-nyah) or ćao (chaoo) or Zdravo. (ZDRAH-voh

I don’t speak Bosnian [well]. – Ne govorim dobro bosanski. (neh goh-VOH-reem DOH-broh boh SAHN-skee)

Do you speak English? – Da li govorite engleski? (dah lee goh-VOH-ree-teh ehn-GLEHS-kee)

Does anybody speak English? – Da li iko ovdje govori engleski? (dah lee EE-koh ohvd-yeh GOH-voh-ree ehn-GLEES-kee)

Help! – Upomoć! (OOPOH-mohtch)

Be carefull – Pazite! (PAH-zee-teh)

Good morning – Dobro jutro. (DOH-broh YOO-troh)

Good night – Dobro većer. (DOH-broh VEH-chehr)

Good evening – Laku noć. (LAH-koo nohtch)

See you tomorrow – Laku noć. (LAH-koo nohtch)

I don’t undertand – Ne razumijem. (neh RAH-zoo-mee-yehn)

Where are the bathrooms – Gdje je WC? (gdyeh yeh WC?)

Romantic and love words and Bosnian phrases


Whenever the above mentioned will be appropriate phrases to communicate in the local language, which will surely be appreciated and valued by people.

As noted, these words and phrases were intelligently selected by arts graduates in the country, with studies in language courses for foreigners.

Undoubtedly you will surprise the girls of the country with these words and phrases of Love and Friendship.

Love and romantic Word and Bosnian phrases

  • I love you my life Unë dua jeta ime
  • You are so beautiful Angel Ju jeni shume e bukur angel
  • You are more beautiful than the stars Ju jeni më të bukur se yjet
  • Do you want to get marry with me? A do të martohesh me mua?
  • Can I have your MSN to chat for a while? Dëshironi të shkoni të kërceni me mua?
  • Do you want to dance in the rain? quot;Sytë e tua janë hyjnore
  • You have beautiful eyes Sytë e tu janë të zot hyjnore,
  • Oh my god you are so cute Sa e bukur je
  • I want to be engage with you Unë dua të angazhohen ju
  • I wish to have children with you Unë dua që të ketë fëmijë me ju
  • You’re the most beautiful Bosnian girl Ju jeni vajzë e bukur në Bosnje
  • You’re the sweetest boy Ju jeni djali më i dashur
  • I love you not your money në mënyrë që ju nuk jeni paratë tuaja

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