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When to travel to Greece and weather in Greece.
Subsequently we detail information about the time, climate and seasons in Greece:

We can begin speaking of the time in Greece saying that Greece has a warm Mediterranean climate.  In summer, the days are dry and very warm in Greece but very often  come some cold breezes that bring a little relief to the intense heat of Greece, these breezes are given in the north and the coastal areas of Greece.  Athens can results very warm, then the visitors should keep in mind that will delay a time to be acclimated to the climate of Athens.  The evening in Greece are fresh. The winters are smooth in the south, but a lot more cold in the north of Greece.  From November to March is the rainy season in Greece.
Clothes Required to travel to Greece:

When you travel to Greece is advisable to carry light clothes of summer during the months of summer in Greece, including protection for the sun at noon.  Sweaters of thread are necessary at sunset when the sun goes down a little bit.  Waterproof or pilot are advised for the autumn of Greece that there is more rains. The months of winter can be enough colds in Greece, specially in the north continental part of Greece, then you will have to wear the normal clothes of winter.

More information of the Climate in Greece:


Greece enjoys smooth winters and summers very hot, and dry also the climate of Greece has some fresh breezes seasonal that bring relief of the extreme heat as we said previously and in Greece these breezes are known like meltemia. The snow can fall in the mountainous regions of Greece and during the winter of Greece.  The winter is the most humid season and the rain is very little probably that occur in Greece between June and August.

The high season of Greece begins to be braked a little and to touch its end in September and the conditions are ideals to visit Greece once more at the the end of October.

Continuing with the information of the time in Greece fits to show that in Greece in November the blue infinite skies of summer already disappear in Greece.  From November to February in Greece are the months more humids and can be surprisingly cold. The snow is common on the continental part of Greece and in the mountains of Evia and Chalk; occasionally snows in Athens. But in Greece there are also many sunny days and some visitors prefer the tranquility that reign at this time of year in Greece.

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