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The terms “The” “Balkans” or the “Balkan Peninsula” refer to an area in Europa’s south-east, that it is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea in the western part, and the sea Mediterranean in the southern part. In the this side one can finds the Black Sea. Though there is no unanimity of opinions as for its north border, the rivers Danube, the Sava and the Kup often are taken as the north border of Balkans countries. You can Book Cheap Flights on CheapOair to Balkans countries.
The name of the region has stemmed from Stara Planina’s mountain chain that is located in Bulgaria. These are known popularly as the mountains of the Balkans.

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The Balkan countries are:

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Moldova and Slovenia.                    The region of the Balkans is very visited by tourists of all parts of the world. There are attractions galore in each of the countries of the region. Every nation is the home of numerous wonderful places that attract million of peopleall the year round that go of trip to the Balkans lodging at Hotels of all the categories at the countries of The Balkans region.

Travel Albania:

In Albania, the tourists can visit Butrint, famous city of Albania for the Roman ruins. Other places of historical importance in Albania include Gjirokastra, the ionic coast, and Berati. The north part of the country of Albania has an impressive mountainous scene. The good Hotels abound in Albania so that you can have a comfortable trip. More information:

Travel Bosnia and Herzegovina:

In Bosnia and Herzegovina there are sites and places to visit such as Sarajevo and Mostar. Sarajevo offers the wonderful scenic beauty of the mountains. Mostar has the Old Bridge – a famous Ottoman architecture. Other historical sites and places include cities like Travnik and Jajce. Bjelasnica. In all these cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina you will be able to find good hotels, in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is a beautiful country to take a trip. There you will be able to rent cars to visit without problems along Bosnia and Herzegovina. More information:

Travel Bulgaria:

Bulgaria is very known by numerous mountain chains. The mountain chains of Rila and Pirin in Bulgaria have excellent paths to realize excursions. Another tourist place of Bulgaria is Rila’s Monastery it is a beautiful attraction of this region of Bulgaria. To see the Roman ruins, the tourists can visit Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, and Koprivshtitsa. Sofia is an excellent base for the excursions towards the west of Bulgaria. Bear it in mind at the moment of planning your trip to Bulgaria. More information:

Travel Croatia:

The beaches are undoubtedly the major attractions of the coast of the Adriatic Sea, in Croatia. But the most emphasized of the coast of Croatia include Dubrovnik, the Croatian walled city that is an example of planning of city of the 17th century. The tourists also can pay a visit to Pula to see one of the major amphitheatres that still stay in Croatia. One of the major natural attractions of Croatia includes Plitvice’s National Park. Nearby to the national Park it is possible to obtain good Hotels in Croatia, rent of cars and tourist local information of Croatia. More information:

Travel Greece:

Some of the evident attractions of Greece are located in Athens, Zagoria, Mistra and the Peloponnese. Other tourist sites and places of Greece are the city of Thessalonika, Macedonia and Tesalia. All these are the most spectacular cities of Greece and are provided by excellent infrastructure of Hotels, travel agencies and tourist information in order to make your stay in Greece an unforgettable travel to Greece. More information:

Travel Kosovo:

The places of interest of Kosovo include a series of Ottoman mosques, Turkish baths and the churches and houses of the 19th century. Gracanica’s Monastery is one of the major Serbian monasteries. The war of Kosovo was described by some journalist from Serbia as the first humanitarian war. The war of Kosovo was the holders’center of news for months, and it has gained an enormous quantity of coverage and attention of the international community and the mass media. Kosovo and the bombardment of Yugoslavia was also a very controversial war and still it continues being a polemic topic. At present though the war of Kosovo has ended, the country continues being the territory most disputed in Europe. More information:

Travel Macedonia:

Some of the tourist points of Macedonia include the lake Ohrid, the National Park Pelister of Macedonia, and Bitola’s city. The monastery Sveti Joakim Osogovsk is also one of the principal attractions of Macedonia. There are excellent offers of trips to Macedonia in the low season because the Hotels of Macedonia lower their prices. More information:

Travel Montenegro:

In Montenegro, you can visit the tourist popular centers in Budva and Herceg Novi, Skadar Lago and National Park Durmitor. Maps of Montenegro and tourist and travel information is available in our exclusive web site of the countries The Balkans. More information:

Travel Romania:

Romania is the biggest country of the countries of the Balkans and Romania has got the most diverse cultures and landscapes of the Balkans countries. Medieval architecture of Romania can be found in some of the sites and places in Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara. The mountains and Prahova Bucegi’s valley are popular to take excursions in Romania, in these cities the Hotels are all of a good quality. It is suggested to reserve the Hotels in Romania in advance. More information:

Travel Serbia:

Another of the wonderful countries of the Balkans is Serbia. Because Serbia offers some monasteries hidden in the valleys of wood like Studenica, Mileseva or Ljubostina, these are undoubtedly one of the major tourist attractions of The Balkans countries. More information:

Travel Slovenia:

The last country of The Balkans in our list is Slovenia. The tourist places of interest to visit in Slovenia are the Caves of Postojna and Skocjan. The travelers who visit Slovenia also can go to visit the church of the lake Bled. The island Kranjska Gora is an ideal base for the routes of hiking that offers Slovenia. More information:

More information about the Balkan countries:


With all these series of attractive places that the region of the Balkans countries offer, I am sure that you will find an interesting place to enjoy wonderful vacations in The Balkans countries.
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