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Bulgaria, after being five centuries submitted to the Ottoman domain and control and, more recently, four decades blocked firmly behind the Curtain of Iron transformed Bulgaria into a distant country. Bulgaria is enigmatic to the eyes of great part of the rest of the world. Images of Bulgaria of cheap wine fallen in students’parties, the budget of vacations of ski and brandishing assassins’ umbrella of the Cold War they were once some of the Bulgaría’s most popular stereotypes, but today Bulgaria is a country very different from what was does even alone 10 years behind.

For the majority of foreign tourists, the principal bait of Bulgaria is its long and sandy coast of the Black Sea – that still relies on striping of beaches and picturesque bays in spite of the constructed works expansive – but there are much more to be visited in Bulgaria because a big part of Bulgaria remains intact and without being visited by the foreign tourists. For example in Bulgaria the networks of paths are supported well and routes can be astride allowing you to discover exuberant mountainous and wooded landscapes in Bulgaria, specially Rila and the Mountains Pirin. These places of Bulgaria are inhabited by bears, lynxes, rare and strange birds and other types of wild life that nowadays they skimp in the rest of Europa.

Bulgaria overview:
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Bulgaria introduction:

To move around Bulgaria is very easy because the public transport is cheap and very efficient to go to the most remote places of Bulgaria. In Bulgaria it is easy to be transported among the most populated cities with the rural corners, where it is possible to see the slow traditional pace of life of Bulgaria as they have had for centuries.


In Bulgaria you will find multicolored monasteries, full of icons of fables and monitored over the priests of thick beard. Other places of tourist importance in Bulgaria are the nice villages of structure of wood with typical spirals of smoke that go out lazily on the roofs of stone, with the donkeys complaining in the distance, where the old women with handkerchiefs in  their heads still look at their grandsons onlookers and amazedly at the arrival of the strangers. The most important cities of Bulgaria often also are overlooked, but for example we can stand out to Sofía’s dynamic and cosmopolitan city with its beautiful parks, social bars outdoors and its fascinating museums.

Sophia also offers architectural exchequers of the Renaissance of Bulgaria and the Roman remains of Plovdiv, and the juvenile maritime arrogance of Varna.
More general information about Bulgaria:
Bulgaria is an active member of the NATO and (from 2007) of the EU. Bulgaria has the sensation of being a nation in a very important crossroads. The foreign massive investment in Bulgaria has created a summit of the construction, not only to the return of the prettiest beaches of Bulgaria and in the tourist cities of mountain of Bulgaria, but also in the most important and cosmopolitan cities of Bulgaria. More that, the tourists are never discovering that in Bulgaria a number always increasing of foreigners are investing in properties. At the same time, the Bulgarian population is diminishing more rapidly than almost any other place in Europe, the wages are the lowest in the continent – provoking strikes increasingly long and bitter – and the old problems of bureaucratic incompetence and the organized delinquency continue disturbing the citizens of Bulgaria.
Travel to Bulgaria:
The environmental damages caused by the irregular urbanization has been a special motive of social alarm in the last years in Bulgaria, and there are several national and international organizations realizing a campaign to call the attention of the world in general with some of these topics. For much that they complain, nevertheless, the Bulgarians are very patriots and though they are modest, when they ask you if you like Bulgaria, really they worry that you take to yourself good impressions of their country.

The prices certainly have increased since Bulgaria turned into member of the EU, but in comparison with other countries of western Europe, the travelers find in general a pleasingly cheap destination , where it is very easy and agreeable to travel as soon as you have dominated the Cyrillic alphabet and knows the sufficient of the Bulgarian language to be able to buy a bus ticket. If you bring to Bulgaria your own transport the entire country will be able to explore.

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