Top 8 Balkan Islands to Explore in Your Next Trip

hvar island croatia

Hvar island in Croatia

After drooling over the enchanting beauty of Morocco beaches and oceans, it’s time to go for some more exciting fun at the rocking Balkan Islands, though they are not in everyone’s approach if you’ve decided, you can have it.
Few very famous and top-rated islands are listed down. Have fun and enjoy your trip!!

Hvar, Croatia
Included in the list of world heritage UNESCO, a celebrity spot and a perfect destination offering unique natural sceneries. Island is covered by the amazing landscapes, building around and lavish towns to visit nearby. Stari Grad Plain and ancient agricultural are the main attractions for the tourists. Don’t forget to roam around the town of Hvar.

Our Lady of the Rocks, Montenegro
It is a tiny island, that won’t even require a long time span to explore it. Though it’s a small place to visit it holds a stunning beauty around. It is a man-made island which you can say is nothing but a beautifully mesmerizing pile of rocks sailing at the middle of the lake.

Ksamil Islands, Albania
A perfect escape from the city crowds, the place is awesome in its own way and offers you a breath-taking view of the scenery. To total area of an island is only standing on 1.7 acres. A small island to spend a quality time with your partner. One can always consider it for the valentine day.

Mamula, Montenegro
This is one of the charming islands, it captures you to the core of your soul.
One can enjoy an amazing view while resting in the luxury resort. If you’re planning to visit, don’t forget to learn about the history of this island.
It totally deserves the visit at least once in a life.

Bled Island, Slovenia
People go to explore the lake using wooden boats that have been the transportation source for many years. Mary church is located there but one has to climb 99 steps to reach the point. But after landing at your final step, you’ll know that it’s is really worth.

Korcula, Croatia
This island holds a great beauty in a form of royal palaces, beautifully designed houses and sacred church. No matter how many times you’ll visit it but it is totally worth visiting again and again. That mesmerizing view is making it a compelling sensation for the tourists.
It also consists dense forest that invites hikers from all over the world.

Kornati, Croatia
Kornati is an archipelago of 140 islands and islets located in the Adriatic Sea, off the coast of Croatia. The islands are known for their rugged beauty, their clear waters, and their diverse wildlife.
The Kornati Islands are a popular destination for boaters, sailors, and divers. There are also a number of hiking trails on the islands, offering stunning views of the surrounding waters.

Brac, Croatia
A perfect Island to relax between hills, woods and lush farms. Zlatni Rat is one of the beaches nearby that is considered as the greatest beach of Montenegro. Bol and Supetar are the main towns of the Island.
Brac is the largest island in the Adriatic Sea, located off the coast of Croatia. The island is known for its beautiful beaches, its white stone, and its medieval town of Supetar.
If you are looking for a beautiful and exciting destination in Croatia, then Brac is the perfect place for you. With its beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, and rich history, Brac is sure to leave you wanting more.

Most of these Islands are also included in the list of world heritage UNESCO. Anyone who has visited Morocco in their life and experienced those exotic beaches.
You’re surely going to love these island. If you’re looking for some peace and tranquillity and then spending money will totally worth it.
The Balkan islands are a popular tourist destination, known for their beautiful beaches, their historical sites, and their unique cultures.
If you are planning a trip to the Balkans, be sure to include some time to explore the islands. You won’t be disappointed!

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