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Articles Submission Guidelines to our Travel site


If you are reading it, then you know how important is to have quality backlinks to your site.

To submit a travel article to our Balkan Countries website, please read this guidelines.

This guide has been set out to ensure quality of our Balkan Countries travel site.

We accept only articles for Balkan Countries travel-related topics. (If you site is about others countries feel free to check in South America Travel or Central America and Caribbean Travel we too manage this traveling sites.

* Article must be unique (we check it rigorously!)
* Balkan Countries site is a high quality website. We do not tolerate duplicate content, plagiarism, spun content, poorly written content, and certainly not spam-my content.
* Your article should not be heavily commercial in nature. We welcome your travel-oriented content, however directly selling or marketing your products and services should be avoided.
If you want this type of article ask us for the price.
* Rather an informative, news or educational tone should be the focus of your article.
* Article must contain minimum 450+ words and have 1 photo (you need send to us the photo)
* Article must be written in English. However, we do some grammar checking, as well.
* Article must be interesting to read and focused on the topic. We do not accept general articles, about “everything” and “nothing”
* Balkan Countries reserve the right to reject your article submission or ask to re-write it.
* One one-way do-follow link is allowed (in text or in note about author)
* Live do-follow link should point to travel-related site.
* Your website must be in English or with English language option.
* Website must be travel, vacation, holidays, recreation, tourism or similar travel-related.
* Deep-links allowed (if URL points to content-rich sub-page).
* No sub-domains.
* No adult content, pornography, offensive or hate related content or links.
* Site must be live and not under construction. Sites with little content or made only for advertisements, will not be considered.
* Submited URL cannot redirect the users to another site.


We not be able to list your site if your site contains excessive pop-ups, under-pops, forced downloads, hidden text or other similar situations.

How to submit your travel article

Please send us email with:

Subject: Balkans Travel Article Submission
To address:

travel balkan countries


In your email, please include:

– Your article
– URL with anchor text position (deep links allowed, if points to content-rich inner page)
– 1 photo relative to the article.

Please send your emails from a valid email address (we going to answer, to this address) and with clear subject.
Emails without subject will be ignored and not opened.
We will send the answer to you as soon, as possible.
If there are too many submission entries, there will be delaying in answer.
We do manually everything in our website!.

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