10 Awesome Things You Can Find in Piran in Slovenia

Travelling around the world is one of the greatest things you should enjoy doing before you die.


One country to another is totally different about the culture, the places, the food, the lifestyle and the people you will meet. If you are a history-lover, you should travel to Piran in Slovenia.
Piran is very popular due to its preserved historic buildings and roads.
Any trip in the country won’t be complete without visiting the amazing Piran in Slovenia.

Discover yourself enjoying the 10 awesome things you can find in this amazing place.

1. Tartini Square in Piran
This is a great place to meet your friends and have some cup of coffee. After that, try to travel around the narrow streets of the square and surely you will find it amusing.

2. Venetian House
Don’t miss out to visit the oldest building in the town! The Venetian house is in Tartinijev Square was dated back in the 15th century. The house looks stunning due to its Gothic architecture and the balcony is one of its main features.

3. Church of St. George
Have you ever imagine to have a dramatic sea view while you are visiting a church? You could have the most peaceful meditation at the church of St. George which allow you to see the city and the view of the sea.

4. Piran Town Walls
These walls are worth the try, see it during a sunset and you will surely appreciate them most! The town walls are well-preserved and add an astonishing scenery to the city.
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5. Maritime Museum of Piran
This museum caters the maritime history of the Slovenia and kids will definitely love to see the different artifacts and marine collections. This is the only museum that allows to wear slippers which you need to wear when you walk over the glass floor.

6. Magical World of Shells Museum
Everyone loves shell so don’t miss the wonderful exhibit showcase in this museum in Piran

7. The Museum of Underwater Activities
All the information you need about diving, equipment, and how they work you will find all in this museum. The museum may be small but the history you will find is so huge.
port piran slovenia

8. Piran Aquarium


This aquarium is smaller compared to other huge aquariums around the world but you will be able to see local fishes of Piran in Slovenia. A wide variety of colors and you can even touch some fishes.

9. Holy Trinity Church of Piran
This church has a splendid interior, splendid pictures and paintings. You will greatly appreciate this small church without a tour guide. You can actually spent few minutes there with your loved ones, pray and just appreciate its beauty.

10. The Town Hall
This town hall was built in the 19th century with Neo-Renaissance architecture designs. The old town hall was still in memory of this new town hall because of some statuses and antiques you can still find in the building. This one of the most impressive buildings in Parin and in fact, it is the largest building in the Tartini Square.

You need plan to visit Piran in Slovenia in your next trip to the balkan countries.
Piran is a town that is almost not possible not to fall in love with on your first visit, and if you simplest have time for an afternoon experience you will probable need to make plans to go back. We also simplest 1/2-jokingly added “own family house in Piran – ideally renovated” to our list of factors we now look for in potential huge others, but it really is only due to the fact we are superficial.
Notwithstanding it’s modest size Piran in Slovenia is awash in superlatives.

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