Durrës pearl of Albania and UNESCO place

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Durres, Albania


Durrës, the pearl of Albania and UNESCO’s World Heritage place with it’s 100 AC old construction amphitheatre.

This is an Albanian port city, located in the Adriatic Sea. Is the second biggest town of the country situated in the centre of the seashore, about 33 km (21 mi) western of Tirana, the capital of the country. It is one of the most historical and financially important towns of the nation with the principal mainland port installations as the Port of Durrës.

The shore is situated closer to Italy in the Adriatic Sea, in front of Bari (186 mi / 300 km) and Brindisi (124 mi / 200 km). Is the house of the primary university, the Aleksandër Moisiu University also being the newest and modern.

The national population is of 115,550 people, while in this urban place has 265,330 inhabitants.
Alternative spellings of the cities name are Drac in Serbo-Croatian, Dyrrhachion Greek or Durrazzo in Italian, that used to be the more widely used in English in the past.

Founded in the 700 BC by Ancient greek settlers from Corinth and Corcyra as Epidamnos. Is one of the earliest places habitat in Albania continuously for more than 2700 years and was the national capital in the past too.

You will like to visit Durres in Albania.
Albania Durres Amphitheater 100 bc
To arrive by boat:
A bi-weekly trip to Bar and Kotor in Montenegro and to Bari, Ancona, Otranto and Trieste in Italy
Riding a bus
From Skopje, Macedonia, to Tirana. A ticket is about 25 Euros. You also go with small buses or shuttles and you can spend 2 to 10 Euros depending on the trip.

Using a train is not possible from outside of the country as did not exist international train links. An amazing voyage can be done from there to Tirana and several other towns if you go to experience the national system.


Attractions in Durres
The main buildings are the main library, the cultural centre with the Aleksandër Moisiu Theatre, the Estrada Theater, the puppet theatre, and the philharmonic orchestra. Can visit important museums as the Museum of History, the Royal Villa and the Archaeological Museum and others.

The Ancient City Wall, widely named Durres Castle has the Medieval Hammam and the Tophane Well located within and around it.
Important to note is the largest amphitheatre in the whole Balkans area, that this 100 AC old construction, is located near to its harbour. It is receiving great concern for the inscription in the UNESCO World Heritage site records.
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Albania have many places to visit and a great historic culture.

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