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Prizren in Kosovo


Two hours from Pristina is Prizren, Kosovo’s cultural capital and lovliest city.

Throughout August this area will get packed for Dokufest, a nine-day worldwide documentary and video clip festival that’s rated among the top on the planet and undoubtedly the greatest event available within the Balkans.

By all accounts, the town centre becomes one massive party throughout the festival so expect much not only documentary tests and film displays.

Though far more compact than Pristina, you’d most likely wish to save money on your energy here if you like being encircled by beautiful scenery and the thought of hanging instead of great historic importance.

Prizren in Kosovo would be a prominent city underneath the Ottoman Empire and that’s why you’ll find a lot Ottoman architecture and Turkish continues to be broadly spoken and understood.

A ascend towards the ancient Prizren Fortress is required as it’s there where there is a most breathtaking look at the town.

Places to stay in Pizren, Kosovo

City Hostel Prizren may be the only hostel in Prizren, along with a fine one at this. It reminded me really a little, budget hotel, just with a means more enjoyable and slow paced life.
Rooms and lavatories are stored very neatly and breakfast is incorporated.
If you are lucky you’ll meet Galdim, the hostel’s owner and all sorts of-round good man.
I even learned about his hospitality through other vacationers lengthy before I showed up.

Prizren in Kosovo is really a town with around 70,000 occupants, which is a real outside museum, probably the most beautiful cities of Kosova.
It’s found on the slopes from the Sharr Mountaintops as well as on banks from the river Bistrica.


Because of its maintained architecture, the town with houses built underneath the Kalaja is really a special curiosity.
It’s wealthy in dwelling quarters and houses with balconies facing gardens filled with foliage. Numerous narrow, winding roads cut the entire town up, giving the city an oriental physiognomy.

The craftsmen of Prizren are very well recognized for their beautiful silver and gold articles, embroidery. The Prizren cloth, knives, along with other folk handicrafts, trades which Prizrenians have maintained through the centuries.
Because the finish of The Second World War, Prizren has changed into a modern town with food processing, textile, pharmaceutical, and metal processing industry, simultaneously efforts happen to be designed to preserve its ancient

Prizren also knows as Prizreni is the 2nd largest city in Kosovo with a population of around 178,000 people.
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