Visit the Monasteries in Moldova Listed in UNESCO World Heritage list


Moldova monasteries, eight unique pieces of Byzantine art in the UNESCO World Heritage List

The Monasteries in Moldova with exterior mural artwork, made fron the Fifteenth century to the Sixteenth century, are works of art based on Byzantine art.

This eight exclusive monasteries in Moldova that are in the UNESCO records since 1993.

These are exceptional in its kind in Europe as they are legitimate and notably well conserved.

Considerably for simple walls designs, the artwork type a methodical protecting all the facades and stand for finish periods of spiritual themes.

The monasteries in Moldova have a remarkable structure, the beauty of the figures, and the balance of the colors combination combine completely with the nearby landscapes.



As a sample the indoor and exterior surfaces of the Church of the Suceviţa Monastery are totally adorned with painting artwork of the Sixteenth century, and this is the only one to show a view of the ladder of St John Climacus.

The chapel of Suceviţa has gone through no substantial modification in its historical past.

It maintains with total reliability its unique late Fifteenth century structural design, and its set of painting artwork, both interior and exterior.

The all around landscapes, farm and wooded, has gone through few alterations up to the present day.

The painting artwork are genuine, as they have gone through only little treatments and they are in a great state of preservation.


The corrections performed since the nineteen seventies have been meticulously done on the Monasteries in Moldova, with great aim being placed on improving quality in worth of elements and coloring, and on effectiveness circumstances.

The improvements to the ceiling have led to the church restoring its unique visual appeal, as registered by historical iconographic resources.

The same concern that had preserved its initial overall look, and in special its historical housing.

When you visit the monasteries in Moldova will feel in these places a unique art that includes human heritage.

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