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About the girls from Greece. Customs of the Greece women when they marry:
Here are the habits that have the pretty Greece girls at the time of marriage:

greece Girl

greece Girl

We can start saying about marriages of girls in Greece that a wedding is a great and very important for the girls of Greece and Greek family, and certainly for the greek girls and his family from Greece will be a reason for the big celebration. In most families of the girls of Greece, the groom still takes the traditional step of asking the father of the girls in Greece her hand for marriage. A lovely part of the custom is that the bride again asks the parents of the girls in Greece to have permission to marry her on the morning of the wedding. Of course, this is just a formality in that instance, but is charming in any case. The diamond engagement ring is not customary to give the girls of Greece in Greece. It is traditional for both men and for girls from Greece to lead a simple gold band when they officially commit to a girl from Greece.
More information about the customs of marriage for girls from Greece:

Continuing the interesting account of the manners of the girls of Greece we can say that wedding rings are blessed by a Greek Orthodox priest before they were newly engaged couples and  put on their left ring fingers. The tapes also serve as contract alliances, and they are transferred to the right hand during the marriage ceremony. In Greek American families, the couple may decide to adopt the American custom of a diamond engagement ring led to a separate tape wedding for the bride.


Another thing to tell about the customs of the girls in Greece is that for example the wedding present have long been banned in Greece, but a variation of this custom has survived in Greece girls living in Greece. 

greek girls

greek girl

The Greek fathers of the girls of Greece give large sums of cash or other valuables to the future husband of the girls in Greece, but the mother of the girls in Greece often heaping many appliances collected over many years to give it the girls of Greece, such as sheets, tablecloths, and other household items to the newlyweds to help furnish their first home. In a custom of girls in Greece also call the so-called nyphostoli, a local volunteer Greece girls to help furnish and equip the home of the newlyweds in Greece. Certainly when girls marry in Greece is a very nice and important event in Greece and is what every girl dreams of having one day in Greece.

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