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wine tourism academy serbia

Words from Milos Kalapis about the Wine Academy in Serbia.


I’m honored with an chance to provide the initial Educational Center – Academy of Wine Tourism in the Balkans.

Since 2010 after I completed my training organized by ACTE (part of the Council of Europe) in Belgrade, I’ve carried out a study and consultation services by going to wine cellars in Serbia and overseas.

My researches were according to discovery of problems and weak points within the wine tourism choices in addition to locating solutions through consultation services.

My current goal expressed now with the birth of Association named Educational Center – Academy of Wine Tourism is improving wine and tourism offer to be able to enhance the first impressions from the visitors and adequately present a rustic, vineyard or perhaps a wine route (region) promote worldwide cooperation and increase benefits for those gamer within the area of wine tourism.

Our goals have to do with all participants in wine tourism, regardless of nations where they perform their activities. Therefore, the main focus from the Academy is around the worldwide cooperation with the teachers as well as taking into accounts vacationers going to vineyards in the area. Developing a network of wine routes of European nations, obviously including our surrounding nations would represent a significant contribution to help growth and development of wine tourism whatsoever levels. It mainly describes elevated quantity of visitors and visits as well as an overall enhancement from the tourist choices.

academy of wine balkans
Within my professional work I’ve came to the conclusion that there’s no an academic center in which a participant inside a wine tourism in Balkans could possibly get solutions to any or all questions associated with your wine tourism. Trough intensive communication using the condition government bodies and wine and tourist fanatics from Serbia along with other Balkans nations, European nations and also the relaxation around the globe, sooner or later you should be coming in a unique type of success within the wine tourism and significant rise in the worldwide cooperation of wine-creating nations.


We concentrated our understanding, experience and human capital inside a distinctive educational center in Serbia which is using existing experience with nations with developed wine tourism to initiate further growth and development of wine tourism in other nations with less developed wine tourism practices. Simultaneously exchange of visitors could be advantageous for already developed nations, with well-crafted wine tourism choices, where I mainly include Eu as well as Serbia.

The Wine Tourism Academy in Serbia will be acting via courses and specialized lectures within the Educational Center by invitation in other similar institutions in Serbia and overseas.

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