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Places to visit in Zagreb

For business travelers Zagreb is one of the most visited destinations in Croatia.

As a business traveller, after achieving your aim of attending the event or activity associated with your business, you may want to cross over into leisure travel. A good idea would be to stay at a business hotel in Zagreb close to the airport to save more time on your travel.
Although Zagreb has excellent public transportation that is very good connected, consider using rent a car service to save even more time on transport.
Due to time constraint, you won’t have the opportunity of exploring most of the lovely attractions that Zagreb has to offer. Nonetheless, we will show you how to get the most out of Zagreb in 24 hours. Zagreb has a wide variety of world-class exhibition and conference centres ideal for your business meetings and activities. With just a few hours left in Zagreb, you will have the opportunity of seeing some of the magnificent fascinations within the city and also gain some knowledge about the culture and traditions of the city.

Ban Jelacic Square

Your sightseeing tour will most probably start here. The ever-busy Ban Jelacic Square is the main square in the city. It is popular for having close proximity to some of the city’s major attraction. The square has a statue of Ban Jelacic himself which was erected in 1990. The main square is a place to find the magnificent Dubrovnik Hotel, stores selling some of the best wine in Croatia, several shopping options and the Mandusevac Fountain, a small fountain located in the center of the square. There are also loads of cafes and bars where you can enjoy authentic flavours of Zagreb.

Zagreb Cathedral

ith close proximity to Ban Jelacic Square is the Zagreb Cathedral, which prides itself on Croatia’s tallest building. A visit to the cathedral offers you the opportunity to see the tomb of the renowned Cardinal Stepinac. The cathedral is also attached to the beautiful palace of the Archbishop
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Dolac Market in Zagreb

With close proximity to the Zagreb’s Cathedral is the Dolac Market. It offers you the chance to see all the sellers and buyers in action. Some of the items on sale here include fruits, vegetable, craft items and much more. Visit any of the fast food stalls and enjoy a delectable traditional meal at an affordable price.

Tkalciceva Street

For lunch, the best place to be is the pedestrian-only Tkalciceva Street, known as the most beautiful street in Zagreb. Here you can find countless numbers of exotic café and restaurants that offer a wide range of traditional dishes. For a taste of traditional delicacies, you can visit the Agava Restaurant. One of the must-try dishes is the pasticada which comprises stewed beef, spiced with Croatian prosciutto, vegetables and stone fruit.

Eli’s Caffé in Zagreb

Located in Ilica street, the Eli’s Caffe is the place to enjoy some of the exotic coffee in Zagreb. After spending quality time here, you can decide on visiting the Jarun Lake, which is a perfect getaway spot and ideal for lounging or strolling. Another attraction is the Mirogoj cemetery where you can find vine-draped architecture and beautifully decorated tombs. The attractions are easily accessible by public transportation.

Trilogiji restaurant

After the day’s tour, head over to the Trilogiji restaurant, for a fine dining experience. Located close to the Old City Gate, the restaurant offers a wide range of dishes colourfully prepared with the freshest and natural ingredients.
Although the city is not the most visited tourist destination in Croatia, it most definitely has places worth visiting. If you are on a business trip to Zagreb and have just one day to explore the city, then there is no better way to have fun and experience unforgettable moments.
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Zagreb in a day


Start your day at Ban Jelačić Square: This bustling square is the heart of Zagreb and a great starting point for your exploration. Take a walk around the square, soak in the atmosphere, and grab a coffee at one of the nearby cafes.

Explore Upper Town (Gornji Grad): Take a funicular or walk up to Upper Town, the historical part of Zagreb. Visit St. Mark’s Square to admire the iconic St. Mark’s Church with its colorful tiled roof. Explore the cobblestone streets, visit the Croatian Parliament and the Government Palace, and enjoy panoramic views from Lotrščak Tower.

Visit the Zagreb Cathedral: Located in Kaptol, the Zagreb Cathedral is an impressive landmark and one of the tallest cathedrals in Croatia. Explore the interior, marvel at the stunning stained glass windows, and climb the bell tower for panoramic views of the city.


Explore Dolac Market: Head to Dolac Market, Zagreb’s most famous farmers’ market, located near Ban Jelačić Square. Stroll through the stalls selling fresh produce, local products, and traditional souvenirs. Grab a quick lunch or sample local delicacies at the market.

Visit the Museum of Broken Relationships: This unique museum displays a collection of personal objects and stories from failed relationships. It offers a thought-provoking and emotional experience, giving insight into the universal theme of love and loss.

Relax in Zrinjevac Park: Take a leisurely stroll through Zrinjevac Park, one of Zagreb’s most beautiful parks. Admire the lush greenery, colorful flowerbeds, and elegant fountains. Grab a bench and enjoy a peaceful break in the heart of the city.


Discover Tkalciceva Street: As evening sets in, head to Tkalciceva Street, a lively pedestrian street lined with cafes, bars, and restaurants. Enjoy a drink or dine al fresco while immersing yourself in Zagreb’s vibrant atmosphere.

Experience the Zagreb nightlife: If you’re up for some evening entertainment, explore Zagreb’s nightlife scene. There are numerous bars, clubs, and live music venues in the city. Visit one of the popular areas like Tkalčićeva Street, Martićeva Street, or the vibrant district of Jarun.

Try traditional Croatian cuisine: Indulge in delicious Croatian cuisine for dinner. Taste local dishes like štrukli (cheese strudel), kulen (spicy sausage), and pašticada (slow-cooked beef stew). Pair your meal with a glass of Croatian wine or try the local plum brandy called rakija.

Take a relaxing evening walk: Before concluding your day in Zagreb, take a peaceful walk along the Sava River. Enjoy the scenic views, cross one of the bridges, and reflect on your day’s experiences.

Take note: This itinerary provides a general overview of things to do in Zagreb in 24 hours. Feel free to adjust it based on your preferences and the opening hours of attractions.

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