A Balkan model claims to be the secret girlfriend of Berlusconi

Balkan Girl in problems with Berlusconi


The beautiful former girl Miss Montenegro said in an interview to the Italian press that is the “bride” secret of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who celebrates 75 years Thursday amid sex scandals and disrepute staff.

The revelation of the beautiful girl, 20, who claims


to have been the faithful companion of the prime minister criticized for his private parties between 2008 and 2009, he ends up stoking the scandal that is involved to spend their evenings with prostitutes and luxury even with a minor, known as ‘Ruby’, for what is being judged.
“I am the girlfriend of Berlusconi, living at his home in Arcore (private residence in Milan, northern, ndr), we are together since splitting from his wife in the case of Naomi (2009),” Katarina Knezevic told the daily La Repubblica , who interviewed in the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica. “I go with him everywhere, accompanied him wherever he goes. Our relationship is nothing mysterious, but so far we have avoided taking pictures together,” said the girl.

About this Balkan girl

It is not the first time that a young, almost adolescent, claims to be the girlfriend of the elderly billionaire Italian Prime Minister, who is back in the eye of the storm after the publication of embarrassing conversations about their relationships with models and prostitutes luxury, which appears as a sexual freak and conviction of the Church by their “licentious behavior and inappropriate relationships.”

The presence of the young Balkan prime minister’s residence was confirmed by most of the pretty girls who used to be invited to the Milanese evening Berlusconi. “It was a crazy dangerous pressure Berlusconi got him,” said one.
In January 2011, after the outbreak of the case ‘Ruby’, Berlusconi said he was having an affair “with a stable emotional person,” but he preferred to keep his name secret to protect it.

The Balkan Girl

After the confession, several girls have been declared “official girlfriend” of Berlusconi, including the German actress Sabina Began

Balkan Girl girlfriend of Berlusconi

Balkan Girl girlfriend of Berlusconi

Bosnian origin, who called him “the only thing that made me feel a real woman.”
The billionaire politician celebrated his birthday Thursday in Rome in a climate “sad”, marked by economic difficulties in Italy, the social unrest of the drastic measures taken, the judicial and political problems and criticisms of the Church. “I do not celebrate my birthday for 25 years,” he told a group of party members during a meeting in Rome.

Balkan girl

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