Balkan music, widespread, despite the suspicion of Gypsies

The music from the Balkan countries


Taraf de Haidouks present his new album on Saturday at the Lake House
Noting that the group formed to “mud in Romania”, the Belgian Stèphane Karo said the sound of that region is very happy fascinating because deep

Members of Taraf de Haidouks

Nearly 10 years after its first tour in Mexico, Taraf de


Haidouks launches its new production, Band of Gypsies 2, edited by Corason discs. In the first talk with the Mexican media, the creator of the group, Stephane Karo, a question expresses of the day if there was a sack of his music, he replied: “The influence of Balkan music has spread to several countries, including Italy, France, Spain, England … but despite that several groupings take elements of traditional music of the Gypsies, are contradictory, because when they see a gypsy neighbors do not want him. They do not realize that they are taking over something that is not theirs, but became popular in those nations. ”

The Taraf de Haidouks combo came a little over

Music from the Balkan countries

Music from the Balkan countries

20 years, when Stèphane Karo, musicologist Belgian reached the village of Clejani, Romania, and discovered an extremely musical culture nurtured, despite being despised by the official culture of the country. Due to the enormous talent he had in the village, had great difficulty to choose from 12 musicians to form a band. Made up this “orchestra honorable bandits” (translation of Taraf de Haidouks), along with his colleague Michael Winter, began to travel throughout Europe and was a surprise to audiences of European cultural festivals and forums. In the following years expanded its sphere of influence in America and Asia.

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