7 Most beautiful places of the Balkan countries

Best trips and journeys to travel and visit the best tourist destinations in the Balkan countries:

1) Serbia and the rest of the world.

The echo of the political discourse still resounds in heaven Serbian, and especially since 2005, the situation has calmed down and tourism is developed very well.
Serbian Tourist Office announced an increase of 15% in 2007 to nearly 2.2 million foreign visitors received.
The rich history of Serbia and tormented left many traces. If the place is old and Romuliana Felix Roman or Orthodox monasteries.Belgrade, cited seven thousand years old, is in itself a concentrate of culture, entertainment and friendliness.

2) Slovenia, the last bears in Europe.
Slovenia has long been the favorite resort of the aristocracy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It’s a bit risky to take it as a destination for your next summer vacation.
The proximity of the beaches and ski resorts among the strong points of Slovenia. Within hours, you can move from one to another, from the Alps to the Mediterranean: Bled to Piran.
If you travel to Slovenia do not miss the caves of Postojna and Skocjan, the Soca Valley, or even the salt and of course the capital Ljubljana.

Everywhere preserved sites, charming villages with typical dishes, a hearty welcome to tourism.

3) Romania, a summer in Transylvania.
In the collective imagination is mostly Romanian Transylvania and Count Dracula terrible. And for the simple evocation of the Carpathian Mountains refers to images of movies and fairy tales.
But Romania is also cities and towns perfectly preserved medieval (like Sighisoara), a rural folklore alive and beach towns located on the edge of the Black Sea where the average temperature is 25 ° C.

sighisoara romania

4) Bulgaria. On the traces of the Thracians.
From January 1, 2007, Bulgaria is part of the European Union. A nearby country (it is situated on Greece) plane a few hours and plenty of things to do in terms of tourism.
Until the second century after Christ, the Thracians occupy the territory. They form a civilized but warlike would originate from the Greek gods Dionysus and Orpheus. In 188, Roman Thrace and turns in the fourteenth century, Ottoman. All these influences can be found today in Bulgaria.

5) A bit of ecology in Bosnia.
Difficult not to associate Bosnia war, and all part of the Balkan countries (Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia) that open for some years to travelers.
An extensive primary forest, plateaus where wild horses still galloping, Mount Velez and 1958 meters but also the artificial lake of Visegrad (ideal for practicing water sports), the ski resorts and of course the famous city of Mostar and the bridge destroyed, rebuilt and classified as a UNESCO World Heritage convince even more travelers each year.

Essentially ecotourism and tourism fair, small infrastructure where the concept of the human dimension meeting and precede the rest.

6) Albania, the last secret.
Deep lakes, villages in time solidified rocks, 400 km of coastline and the peaks of the Alps in order to close the horizon: Welcome to Albania.
This small hilly country at all is the richest country in Europe, but the landscape of wild beauty and its people deserve to know proud and hospitable.
Since 2002, the target takes place smoothly. The investment potential is there, word of mouth of travelers seem to do the rest.

Among the places to be seen, cited Berat (“the city to the thousand windows”), the archaeological site of Apollonia, Lake Koman and various national parks.
Finally, if all that I remember something, you know that Albania inspired Hergé to create the Syldavia on the album “Otokar’s scepter.”

7) Montenegro, the small pearl.
Relieves splendid mountain sides that cut the horizon, covered with Mediterranean vegetation, but also with desert sand beaches as we dream. Montenegro has the potential and begin to monetize: 6 new seaside resorts open and just go half upset investors looking where to put your money.
Newly independent Montenegro would become new Croatia … But not exactly.
Based on experience in concrete based in Croatia, Montenegro has made a bet on individual tourism and high end. It’s a destination a little more expensive than Croatia.

Predjama castle slovenia

Predjama Castle in Slovenia


Why to visit the Balkan Countries?

Explore why visiting the Balkan countries is an excellent choice for travelers seeking diverse experiences and unforgettable adventures.

  1. Cultural Heritage: The Balkan countries boast a wealth of cultural heritage spanning thousands of years. From ancient civilizations like the Greeks and Romans to the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires, this region is a treasure trove of historical landmarks, archaeological sites, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Cities such as Athens, Dubrovnik, Belgrade, and Sofia are home to magnificent architecture, including ancient temples, fortresses, and palaces, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the region’s storied past.
  2. Natural Beauty: Nature lovers will be enthralled by the Balkans’ breathtaking landscapes. From the stunning Adriatic coastline with its picturesque beaches and crystal-clear waters to the majestic peaks of the Dinaric Alps, Balkan countries offer diverse and awe-inspiring natural beauty. Explore the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, hike through the rugged terrain of the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria, or venture into the dramatic landscapes of Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor. The Balkans offer a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering opportunities for hiking, sailing, skiing, and more.
  3. Culinary Delights: The Balkan region’s culinary scene is a delightful fusion of flavors influenced by various cultures. Each country offers its own traditional dishes, showcasing a diverse array of flavors and ingredients. Sample mouthwatering cevapi in Bosnia and Herzegovina, indulge in Greek moussaka and souvlaki, savor Romania’s hearty sarmale (stuffed cabbage rolls), or enjoy the rich assortment of meze (small dishes) in Serbia. Food enthusiasts will be captivated by the gastronomic experiences awaiting them in the Balkans.
  4. Warm Hospitality: One of the region’s most cherished aspects is the warm hospitality of its people. The locals in the Balkans are known for their welcoming nature, genuine friendliness, and a strong sense of community. Travelers can engage with locals, experience their traditional customs, and gain insights into their way of life. From rural villages to lively city centers, the Balkan countries provide a warm and hospitable atmosphere that enhances the overall travel experience.
  5. Affordable Travel: Compared to other parts of Europe, the Balkans offer excellent value for money. The cost of accommodation, dining, and transportation is generally more affordable, allowing travelers to make the most of their budget while still enjoying high-quality experiences. This affordability factor makes the Balkans an attractive destination for backpackers, families, and budget-conscious travelers.

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