Belgrade and Serbia look forward to bring more tourists


Time of normal for Serbia. And that includes the recovered image as a cosmopolitan capital in Belgrade, a meeting place of cultures and nightlife center of the Balkans. Tourism to the country is still only a narrow window, just open, but that does just more interesting discovery, not forgetting the local hospitality is now closer to those visitors pioneers who undoubtedly will implement word of mouth .
Belgrade, Serbia core in many ways, is a curious visit the city as it has very different. Extensive, divided into the arms of two large rivers, the Sava and Danube, which here meet its water-, dotted with 16 islands, in addition to the geographical difficulty becomings historic city to be a somewhat descabalada, the result of the repeated destruction suffered in the two world wars and various Turkish and Austrian occupation of the preceding centuries. Therefore, although settlement of the place is ancient, there are many historical remains, except the buildings just a couple of centuries that dominate the old town.
Highlights in this sense the strength and attachment Kalemedja park. Just as a good range of museums, among which is easy to highlight the National, an art gallery in which stands a large presence of French Impressionists, along with works by Picasso, Rembrandt or Titian, can easily be placed among the top ten museums Europe.
The communist past has left some interesting testimony as a Museum of African Art is considered the best in the world, fruit of good relations with the Tito regime young independent states of the continent in the sixties and seventies, a number of buildings constructivist and the tomb of Tito, which receives more than a few nostalgic visits.
At the time of ride, the two rivers are the protagonists, both for the opportunity to walk along its banks or the islands in Ada Ciganlija-stands in the Sava, a sort of urban park with lake, as its position as a center the nightlife. Much of the best nightlife in the city are located on barges on the water. The other area is the favorite to go Skadarlija bohemian, a kind of small Montmartre full of restaurants with live music.


Distances are small in today’s Serbia and Belgrade also can be an excellent base for visiting most of the other attractions of the country, located within 100 miles in most cases: the medieval city of Novi Sad its cathedral and fortress, the various medieval monasteries, some recognized by UNESCO as patrimony of humanity, or fantastic parks such as Fruska Gora.

Serbia Belgrade tour Guide for the traveler

How to go
While studying a regular line Madrid-Belgrade, there are no direct flights at present. Lufthansa, Alitalia and Swiss Air have daily connections to the Serbian capital after passing through other European airports.

Where to sleep in Serbia Belgrade

The impressive Hotel President (, with 26 acres of parks and gardens, is a five star hotel with the only drawback being ten miles from downtown. One option is the classic air Moskva (

Where to eat in Serbia Belgrade
In appearance unspectacular, but with 200 years of history, the Pitanja Znak Kafan (or Kafan “?”, Tel. 381 -421 November 2635) is a somewhat conventional but successful visit to see the traditional Serbian cuisine, very strong and spicy . Bahus Club (tel. 381 11 -082 3015) is reputed to be the best restaurant on a barge on the Danube, with international options

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