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The Bosnian filmmaker Danis Tanovic, ‘oscar’ for ‘No Man’s Land’, returns to the war in the Balkans ‘Cirkus Columbia’


A Danis Tanovic (Zenica, Bosnia, 1969) something has happened decades ago was much more common among artists, his life first, and his career, later, was marked by a war, if the war Balkans and the siege of Sarajevo. Hence, No Man’s Land (which won the Oscar), Triage or Cirkus Columbia (which opened yesterday in Spain), the trilogy-the heart of his film career. However, Tanovic does not seem so convinced of this relationship, and fudges: “For me the family is above other things like movies. And so now I have moved from Paris to Sarajevo. My mother is sick and had to be at his side. ” Really the family is their leitmotiv? “Yes, especially in L’enfer, which I shot with Kieslowski script. I think that my films are, if you believe in life friends are the family you choose. The main driver of art are the relationships, and my film will not be less: human relationships in difficult times, which need not be war. ”

Okay, because Cirkus Columbia describes just the beginning of the war-marked, among other things by the bombing of Dubronik in December 1991 – the Balkans, the collapse of Yugoslavia postit, and extent of the shock wave from that solution in a small town. “I mixed in the script that I think makes up the life a little humor, a little politics, a little love … In my day to day I like to nibble, so in my work I like to vary. If no, I’m bored. ”

But the current bid for Tanovic away from the crude humor. “I get older [laughs]. Really, I have five children, grow old inside me starts to make room nostalgia. I begin to see things differently. Cirkus Columbia I made for my parents’ generation, with a tone very Italian. And how could it not be nostalgic. I do not know if I will repeat this feeling. ” Nostalgia is a very blunt weapon, a kind of velvet glove wrapped around a handful of harsh reality. “Of course, you may fall into it because I have seen very hard things in my life that I have done no better or worse person, but I have made.


” And there goes the responsibility, the conscience of the film influences people: “Now, in Sarajevo, I’m shooting another film hard, and I shot a sequence of torture. And I’ve removed, but was visually very powerful because if I put it on screen, who tells me that somewhere in the world, a viewer is not going to learn how? not want to be responsible for that. ” Funny, for someone who now lives in Sarajevo: its streets are traces of all the wars of the twentieth century.

“You know, from the window of my room is the place where they killed the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria [assassination started World War I]. To me the war I caught a student, chasing girls, surrounded by books and love by my parents. It was not a bad life, but we were not very rich. At the same time, you go crazy, because you are young and suddenly you see guns, shooting, dead, do you think a character from a book by Hemingway. Until discover that you have not read either Hemingway, who have remained on the surface, with the most striking things and banal. Rereading his books and discover that life is not so. ”

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