Six Balkan countries get their seat at the EuroBasket 2011

FIBA Europe has been determined, a day after announcing that the Eurobasket 2011, 24 teams compete in Lithuania, which will also direct plaza combined seven others who had failed to pass.

Thus, the winners have been Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine, which initially had not earned their place in their respective groups of the pre-European this summer.

At this stage, the winners of each group were Montenegro (A), Britain (B) and Belgium (C), while Macedonia and Israel got their pass as best runners.

In this sense, the secretary general of FIBA Europe, Nar Zanolin, said he had been awarded to seven teams eliminated, including one as the”historic”azzurra “for their hard work in recent years.”

On the other hand, the body has also changed the system of competition for female Eurobasket 2013, removing A and B divisions for all teams playing for a ticket to the tournament in a phase that will begin in the summer of 2012.

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