Tension grows up in the Balkans countries


The European Union has criticized the police operation deployed by the authorities of Kosovo north of the enclave controlled by a Serb minority and called for a return to negotiations. The Serbs understand the police deployment as a challenge and try to hinder it. An agent of Kosovo have been injured in a shootout while trying to occupy a border crossing to block the entry of any product Serbian. The EU calls for dialogue. Maja Kocijanic is the spokesman for the European Commission:


“We believe that resolving this trade dispute, dialogue is the right way to go. We believe that dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina can find the appropriate solutions so you can resume free trade in all directions. ”

It’s been three years since Kosovo declared its independence. Pristina has vetoed the entry of goods from Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, in response to the export ban imposed by those countries Albanians in the northern Serbian minority is concentrated, some sixty thousand people, loyal to Belgrade without recognizing the authority of Pristina. In the area survives an explosive cocktail of ancient ethnic rivalries. With the border conflict tensions have increased to the point that could lead to a potentially dramatic. For now, NATO troops have been interposed between the Serbs and police deployed to Pristina to calm the tension.

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