Women’s world cup: 2 Lesbian players from Slovenia were caught?

2 Lesbian players from Slovenia were caught in a spycam yesterday having sex in the locker room?  Some pictures were taking yesterday on the Women’s  world cup?

We speak today of homosexuality in football as something already known and confirmed. Many of the players we see in the field are gays in the closet. We know they are gay, but they can not be named.
Today, many politicians have come out of the closet, but in football no one even dares to confess his/her sexual orientation, very much in love that is of a man or girl is said that love conquers all. Although lately we are seeing very caramel pictures of players outside the playing field within the same if allowed effusive hugs and kisses accomplices.


Why do the players do not leave the closet? They do not because the media would deal with him/her so important media coverage and violent that a 19 to 26 years old could not bear, such as the English player Fashanu, who committed suicide after media harassment.

That’s the real problem. The news coming out of singer Ricky Martin toured the world, but neither his fans nor the record companies have rejected. In this case, the fans and some clubs have already taken the step to accept in its ranks, both players, coaches or managers as homosexuals. There have, therefore, a difficult problem to manage: the media.

A clear example is the picture circulating on the various digital media players Piqué Ibrahimovic and holding hands, where they were seen together in a gesture rather than loving.

A very famous case was the rugby player Gareth Thomas, 35, who decided in his final year career, confessed his homosexuality publicly. I never actually worried about their colleagues, friends and family.

His coach said that Thomas’s private life is concerned only him and “continue to look for what brings the team as a player and as an individual who exemplifies the values of commitment, courage and fair play is expected of our team. Gareth will always be admired for his achievements as a player and deserves a place of honor in the history of Welsh rugby. ”

Has been normalized view of gays in different professional fields such as politics, television, sports … but that’s not enough. As news emerged of this type, the media are hospitalized more to know with whom lies the character of the moment or what their sexual fantasies. Or even more marketable, catch him red handed in a compromising situation. The fact that person how you feel after so many years of lies, to hide their emotions, can not fully enjoy their sexuality in their environment is not commercial, not hearing.

So I think you have to keep fighting and support standardization of the gay community in this regard, for an outing of this kind is not a ‘notice of the state “but rather a story.

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