Holland was involved in the Balkans War

This is a research for the subject of Hist. Contemporary Universal.
It is a report on the information found both online newspaper archives and the linkage of the Netherlands in the Balkan War in the early ninties.
To put this report on the Netherlands and the former Yugoslavia we have relied on the observation of two Spanish first-line newspapers: THE COUNTRY AND THE PERIOD. Both have served to illustrate the report and better understand the relations between the two countries during the period between 1990 and 1996.

The information found has been plentiful, although from the very beginning we thought to find much less considering that Holland is not a country that is in the forefront of international relations. Consequently we thought that news of their engagement and relationship with the Balkan War would be very slim.

In addition to these periodical publications, we have searched through the network of networks (Internet) for information on the subject but this search has proved unsuccessful. The reason is amply explained in the report drawn up and attached to the bulk of the information.

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