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I had the chance to travel in business class for the first time in my life when I returned from London. Of course, I was excited as a flea to the idea of discovering this class and what people get for usually over 1000 euros.
Let me tell you my experience… So I left Gatwick for Bordeaux with British Airways.


After crossing London with 60 kg of luggage and having already made four changes, I arrived at the sweaty “Business” counter. Dripping sweat, hiking shoes, sweater and K-way around the waist and 60 kg of luggage on my shoulders…

We cannot say that I embodied the image of the usual customer and many people who have me I looked around, probably wondering how I could have paid for such a plane ticket.
The recording was very fast, no queuing, no paper to print. Then I headed for safety.
In Gatwick, there is a dedicated area for business travellers. Once again, no line, I was the only one to pass the security.

Of course, I rang the portico and I had to bow to the body. However, everyone was smiling and friendly. A big change from usual. Then I enter the airport lobby through a back door and head for the business lounges.
In fact, when I was travelling in business class, I had access to the British Airways lounge at Gatwick Airport and I had come early to enjoy it.

No more ceaseless noise from the airport, greasy food, expensive shops, and kids running around, uncomfortable seats and miles to find toilets … The business class lounge is a little haven in the heart of the airport.

Finally, there is still a children's area and we are not safe from some very noisy children.
The British Airways lounge in Gatwick is rather large and has a work area, plenty of comfortable chairs, TVs, newspapers and of course a bar and a food court.
You can use at the will of all that you wish: sandwich, cakes, snacks, coffees, alcohol, other drinks…

The Wi-Fi is also free and you have sight on the tarmac. Not bad is not it? I took the opportunity to go on the Internet, taste, have a coffee and a small appetizer!
When the boarding gate is announced, you pass in front of everyone to get on the plane and you settle in the first three rows, a quiet space and no baby normally.

The seats are a bit wider than economy class, there is more legroom and you do not have anyone sitting directly next to you.
You also have a steward available who will help you throughout the trip.

business class gatwick

The business class room in Gatwick

We were served a very good meal (chicken salad, croutons, mozzarella) with lemon pie and hot bread, all accompanied by coffee and champagne! We can say that it changes dry sandwich of the economic class.

The trip was very pleasant and for once, I was not disturbed by the children or the noisy groups. It must be said that businessmen around me in costumes reading the Financial Times (the clichés are very real) was not very fun.
On the way down, the luggage of the business class has priority and you will be one of the first to recover.


It was, therefore, a very pleasant trip with many interesting services, making my trip much more peaceful and enjoyable than it would have been in economy class.
It was only a one-and-a-half-hour flight, but I guess it must make all the difference on a long-haul flight.

I had chosen to buy a business class flight to have 46kg of free checked baggage and British Airways promotion, so I only paid 20 euros more than what would have cost me a flight in economy class.
In this case, for 20 euros, it was really worth considering the extra kilos, free food, comfort and Wi-Fi.
However, I will never pay hundreds or even thousands of euros for these few additional services. I like to fly, even in economy class and the services offered are not worth such a sum of money.
So I always remain a backpacker in the soul… However, do not hesitate to consult the British Airways website, they sometimes make very interesting offers on the business class.

When you take your tickets well in advance, the business class is sometimes just a little more expensive, even at the same price as the economy class.
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